Clear Cut Couples: Rachel and Chandler

Rachel and Chandler grew up in the same town and met in school! They were friendly at first, but didn't start a romantic relationship until her junior year and Chandler's senior year of high school. They first got to know each other after volunteering at their high school's annual Special Olympics event!

Their first date wasn't anything glamorous, but it was the perfect way to get to know each other. Since Rachel played basketball, Chandler tried to impress her -- they took a basketball to their local park and shot around. It was just the two of them, so they were able to talk. They hit it off right away!

Since then, they have been together for almost exactly six years. Rachel says, “Being high school sweethearts, it's been so amazing to have gotten to know each other as both teenagers and now adults. I love the way we've grown up together and I can't wait for all of the rest of the years to come!” AWWW!!

They went to Boston schools and studied engineering (and both suffered through it together lol)!! But they have had so many fun memories, too: nice restaurants, cozy weekend mornings, trying the new breweries in town, spending time with their friends, and of course, watching the Philadelphia Eagles EVERY week. Chandler says, “Being together with Rachel in that city were the best years of my life so far.” They are both big animal lovers and going to the zoo is a favorite of theirs! One of their very favorite first dates was when they went to the Philadelphia Zoo and, just last month, they made sure to hit the San Diego Zoo when they were there for a wedding. Since graduating, their jobs have taken them in separate directions, so they really value the time that they do get to spend with each other. Pretty soon, they’ll be able to link back and find work in the same place (hopefully someplace warm)!

Chandler is in the Navy, so they’re doing long distance now. Some of their highlights are getting to do the everyday things even when they’re apart. They love to cook the same recipe together over Facetime or watch their favorite shows at the same time. Some of Rachel’s favorite past memories with Chandler were at Fenway Park, having tacos and margaritas at Lolita's in Boston, and watching the Eagles win the Superbowl + driving back 6 hours that week for the parade! They turn everything into an adventure when they’re together and always have a blast together.

Chandler proposed to Rachel on October 25th of this year in Pensacola, FL. While it worked out in the end, there were a series of unfortunate circumstances. Initially, Chandler wanted to propose on top of a lighthouse on the Gulf in the early evening, but his work unexpectedly kept him well past the time they needed to leave to catch the sunset. So, Plan B was to pull over to a scenic overview of the Pensacola Bay close to his house. He had a bottle of champagne and was going to pop the trunk to catch the sunset on their way to dinner downtown and ask the question there. But as fate would have it, it was pouring rain! Onto Plan C! Within walking distance to the restaurant, there is a small park with a beautiful gazebo that would work perfectly. The problem this time was that Chandler called the Uber to the wrong park!! Chandler said, “Slightly defeated, I wasn't sure how to salvage the situation, but I realized that it wasn't about how I did it, but rather why I was doing it. So I got down on one knee right there and asked her to marry me.” Their proposal was in the moment and authentic! They know their life and marriage will be full of curveballs and backup plans, the only thing that matters is if they’re a team together. And having a beautiful diamond helped too! They had been talking about the idea of marriage and even picked out styles of rings that Rachel liked together. While Rachel knew it was coming soon, they both felt pure joy in that moment -- it was perfect! 

Rachel said, “Even though it wasn't a surprise, I was stunned by the ring. It was everything I imagined and more. I really loved being able to have a consultation at the Clear Cut with Chandler and be able to learn more about the details of creating and purchasing a ring. We were able to feel fully prepared, practical, financially responsible, and I was able to get the ring of my dreams! Even after designing the ring with Chandler and Olivia, seeing the final product for the first time was truly breathtaking.”

They plan on a longer engagement as of now. They’re aiming for a wedding in the spring or summer of 2021 Chandler is in the Navy and Rachel has a job in Philly, so there will be some logistics to tackle before they can start setting dates. But they’re beyond excited to start the next chapter of their lives together!

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