Clear Cut Couples: Kailyn and Noah

Kailyn and Noah met had their first date at a very busy coffee shop, but they were lucky to grab two seats at a table. Kailyn was worried that they would lose their seats if they both got up to go order, so she went to order the drinks. Noah was worried that this meant that she didn’t like him since she paid for the date. Noah said he actually worried about that for a while until he realized she kept agreeing to go on more dates with him.. LOL! Since then, they have been together for about a year!

Kailyn knew Noah was the one soon after they started dating. She said, “He is just the nicest person and the first thing people say about him is that he is the nicest sweetest guy. I knew he was a keeper after we spent a week in Florida visiting my nutty Grandma!” If he would go on a trip to spend time with her family, how could she ever let him go? Noah realized that Kailyn was “the one” when she offered to go with him and then drive him home a long distance the day he went to have Lasik eye surgery. On the car ride home, he sat there with his eye mask on just thinking “wow I can’t believe she did this for me!”

The morning of Kailyn’s birthday, it was very snowy- she claims it hadn’t snowed on her birthday since the day she was born- Noah surprised her with a trip to a beautiful vineyard in upstate Connecticut where all the trees were blanketed with snow. They drank wine and enjoyed some time by a cozy outdoor fireplace. When they went home, Noah had the apartment covered in rose petals and fake snow. He organized the petals to say “Will you marry me?”

Kailyn was so surprised!! She said it was beautiful and she had some of the best wine she’d ever had! Since she had an inkling of the timeline for the ring, once they got to the vineyard and she saw the setting- literally a winter wonderland (which is the theme for their wedding)- she was pretty suspicious the whole time they were there. However they headed home and she was a bit sad and totally thrown off! She assumed he either didn’t have the ring yet, or had a plan to propose another day. When they got home and he finally did propose, she was totally surprised!

They are getting married on March 14th, 2021 in Kailyn’s hometown Stamford, Connecticut at a place called the Loading Dock. Her dream has always been to have a winter themed wedding in winter and the Loading Dock is like a warehouse and totally a blank indoor slate and they want to convert it into their very own winter wonderland. They can’t wait to celebrate with and get married in front of their family and friends. Congrats Kailyn and Noah!! We are SO happy for you!! #WeNoahGuyForKailyn

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