Clear Cut Couples: Julia and Jake

Julia and Jake tell people that they met each other in college. They really met though at summer camp (which had ended just a few weeks before the semester started) where Julia was working as a counselor and Jake as a lifeguard. They ignored each other all summer even though they saw each other every day. Jake likes to joke that Julia looked unapproachable as she stood next to the pool with giant sunglasses on and her arms crossed. Luck would have it that there was a “School Pride” day at camp that summer and to Jake’s delight, Julia showed up wearing a Binghamton University hat, the school Jake would be attending. Jake finally built up the courage to approach Julia the first night at a party (she must have seemed more approachable without the sunglasses and with a Solo cup in hand). Aaaaand… the rest is history! They have been together for 8 years!

Jake proposed on May 11th. It was the day before Mother’s Day and he planned for both of their families to be able to celebrate together! Jake chose to propose in Central Park because (since they have lost their ability to sleep late) walking through the park at 9am on a Saturday morning is not an unusual occurrence.

Julia had a feeling that it was coming sometime this year as she had met with Olivia to look at rings a few months prior, but she did not know exactly when. Jake thought he was playing it cool, but Julia started to catch on the night before when Jake began acting strange and unknowingly started hinting at his plans. Julia LOVES the ring. It is exactly what she wanted. She loves her oval cut solitaire, with a small emerald set within the band which is a token to Binghamton University, the place where their relationship started.

Their wedding plans are still TBD! They are planning on getting married in September 2020, likely in NYC! Congrats Julia and Jake -- we cannot wait to hear about the wedding!!

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