Clear Cut Couples: Breana and David


David and Breana have known each other for quite some time. They grew up in the same town, but didn’t meet until 8th Grade Earth Science class. They were assigned seats right next to each other. Breana provided the answers, David provided the comic relief. Over the next couple years their friendship started to grow into something more. They went on a couple of awkward dates, but their relationship officially started with a kiss atop the Empire State Building. They have been dating since our junior year of high school. 10 glorious years!


They have always enjoyed spending time outdoors, wandering around parks, going on hikes, or visiting gardens. They recently moved into an apartment together near Glen Island Park, which is situated on the Long Island Sound. They went out to lunch at a restaurant in town, and afterword, David insisted that they check out the park in order to work off the bowls of pasta they had just eaten. After letting David know that it was a brisk 28 degrees out, Breana decided to humor him and go on the walk. With the sun starting to set over the tree line, David stooped to a knee and told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. After presenting the ring and listening to a few minutes of (profanity-filled) exclamations, she said YES!


Breana was very surprised. They have been together for a long time, but she didn’t think he was going to propose until later in the year. Not only did the timing surprise her, but the ring did as well. It was exactly what she pictured; an old mine solitaire ring.


They are in the early stages of venue searching, but shooting for late summer/fall of 2020. Congrats David and Breana -- we are SO happy for you!!

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