Clear Cut Couples: Nicole and Jacob

Nicole and Jacob met during her freshman and his senior year of college in September of 2014. Although they started out as friends (while Jacob relentlessly chased her around trying to get her attention), they eventually realized that they would rather be together than act as if they didn’t have feelings for each other. Nicole often laughs that she remembers the first time she saw Jacob in a backyard at a party, however his memory is a little hazy due to a few too many drinks.


They joke that they were never actually dating due to the fact that Jacob never formally asked Nicole to be his girlfriend. Over dinner in March of 2016 he nervously asked “So…are we like?” to which she replied “Yeah I guess so.” They’ve been together for three amazing years since then and cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together.


Jacob proposed on a trip to Sedona, AZ to visit her best friend. They had dinner reservations at Enchantment Resort right in the middle of all the iconic red rocks. Her best friend’s mother had helped him plan for months to find the perfect time and place, he even trusted her to be ring security through the airport so Nicole wouldn’t accidentally find it on him!! While taking photos on a patio overlooking the desert, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. It couldn’t have been more perfect. They even had strangers tearing up!


Nicole had her suspicions after accidentally seeing some text messages between her mom and her best friends mom that involved plans to “discuss something” and lots of winking emojis. She even texted her friends asking them to convince her that she was crazy for thinking that meant anything! When the moment came however she was still surprised, and repeatedly asked “are you serious?.” She says her ring was exactly what she wanted and couldn’t be more perfect. She hasn’t looked up from staring at her hand in three days.

They plan to get married in Fall of 2020 in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA surrounded by their friends and family. Congrats Nicole and Jacob!! We are thrilled for you two!

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