Clear Cut Couples: Ashley and Joseph

Ashley and Joseph met in middle school! They then went to high school and college together. They were always just good friends throughout that time. They joke around that he chickened out when considering asking her to prom their senior year.

Their first date was on Mother's day. Ashley invited him over to her uncle's pool party to celebrate her mom. Joseph came and they hung out with her entire family! Ashley said, “Thinking back, that was brave of him for a first date!” After the pool, they went out to a local bar and grille and caught up about the last few years that they hadn't seen each other.

Since then, they have been together for over 3 years. Half of which was during COVID, which sped things up while in quarantine together!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. The highlight for them was  buying their first home together. After they signed, they picked up to-go-food and ate it on the ground of their new empty house. It was so special dreaming of all the memories that the house would hold. A few months later, they brought home their first puppy, Dembe. They find so much joy in home renovations and playing out on their land with their dog.

Joseph proposed on September 4th on a sailboat in the Charleston harbor. He told her that the boat was taking them to a fancy restaurant so that she would dress up. Little did she know, they weren't getting food, but she was coming home with a beautiful ring and fiancé!

Ashley was so surprised! “The ring blew me away! I had told him I loved the oval cut. It was so beautiful, I told him not to drop it while he was trying to put it on my hand on the rocky sailboat!”

They would love to have a destination wedding with their closest family and friends. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!