Clear Cut Couples: Brooke and Sam

Brooke and Sam met online! As soon as she saw Sam's picture, she had a very good feeling that he could be her person! AWW!

Their first date almost didn’t happen. That day, Brooke texted Sam to ask what time he was picking her up. Sam responded “that’s today?” She was convinced that she would no longer go on the date now that he had already forgotten about it. Thankfully, he convinced her to go!

He picked her up for the date and he said that when he saw her for the first time, he felt it was love at first sight! They went to La Carretta for dinner and Brooke could tell that Sam was very nervous. But it was adorable! She was also nervous and barely touched her food. But she remembers telling Sam even though they were both nervous, that it would all be fine. Needless to say it was! Sam actually called his dad the day after our first date and said “is it crazy that I think she could be the one.”

Since then, they have been together for over 2 1/2 years! They have shared so many incredible memories since then! Sam asked her to watch the Super Bowl with him February 3rd, 2019. We were having a great time! At half time he asked if she would be his girlfriend!

A lot of their special moments have been centered around traveling. Brooke had not been to many places (never even been on a plane) and Sam made it his mission to take her to as many places as possible! Sam took her to Disney world for the first time - even as an adult it was magical!

Sam proposed December 17th at Central Park in New York City! It was a complete surprise. Little did she know, Sam already asked for her parents permission months before proposing. She knew it was coming in the future, but was convinced it wouldn’t be during their trip to New York (because her mom and Sam had convinced her that it wasn’t happening). Oddly enough, it was extremely cold that day so there weren’t many people walking in the park. In the middle of their walk that morning, Sam began to admit that he had already asked her parents for their blessing. She was completely caught off guard. He proceeded to get down on one knee and asked her to marry him. It was the best day! She said, “The ring was absolutely stunning. It was better than anything I could’ve imagined! The proposal was just the two of us.”

They are getting married March 18, 2022 in Mandeville Louisiana which is where most of their friends and family are located. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!