Clear Cut Couples: Ben and Maritza

Ben and Maritza met in college at Elon University. Ben first noticed Maritza when they had class together Sophomore year, but Maritza doesn't remember him LOL. They then officially met in the spring semester of Senior year after being introduced by a mutual friend. While Elon is located in North Carolina, Maritza and Ben are both from the Boston area and had plans to move back north after graduation. The rest is history! Since then, they have been together for 7 years and have shared so many incredible memories over the years! Attending the Belmont Stakes in 2015 (and witnessing history with American Pharoah winning the triple crown!) was such a highlight of their relationship! In August 2018, they took an amazing trip to London and Paris, and in December 2019, they adopted their dog Bert, a 3 year old Corgi. They didn't know it at the time, but he ended up becoming a great "COVID dog!!”

Ben proposed Saturday February 6th, 2021 at Crane Beach in Ipswich MA. Maritza thought they were just taking their dog Bert to play on the beach. They walked to the very end and Ben recommended that they take a picture. There happened to be one couple walking by, so he quickly looped them in to take the photo. Before Maritza knew it, Ben was down on 1 knee. The stranger taking the photo was just as surprised! They are so thankful to them for capturing their special moment.

Maritza was very surprised and "ugly" cried. They joke that their dog Bert stole the show in the photos and looks adorable.

She said “The ring is my dream ring! Absolutely perfect in every way.” Maritza has been a fan of the Clear Cut for years. After the initial excitement of the proposal and as they were walking back to their car, Ben pulled back out the ring box and proudly said "Did you see the name in the box!" referencing the Clear Cut logo.

As for their wedding, they're targeting later summer 2022 in the Boston area!! Congrats you two!!


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