Clear Cut Couples: Rob and Julia

Rob and Julia met on Hinge! She was on for 1 day, he was on for...much longer :) They met during the pandemic, so the first date was a Facetime date. A couple of days later, he picked her up from her place for their first in person date at a park he knew of with a hummingbird garden. The minute he got out of the car, they both wanted to jump in each other's arms and kiss each other - but that would happen on the second date. He was too nervous!!!

They played disc golf, and Julia said that she nervously talked his ears off, then they watched the sunset together, drove back to her place and had dinner together. Before the date was even over he asked her on a second date a few days later. They have been inseparable since! He proposed after 9 months!

They have shared so many amazing memories since then! Adopting a puppy together after only two months of dating, moving in together after four. Telling each other “I love you” and so much more! Julia said another cherished memory is their second date! “It was so incredible... he took me to see the bioluminescent ocean lights after we watched the sunset. It was just us two, and he asked if I could take off my mask for a little. Then he kissed me while we were ankles deep in the water. It was pure magic. Some of my favorite moments are the not so hot ones as well... like when I got a splinter in my fingernail at the beach and he frantically drove us to get tweezers and help me. Or when he took our puppy out 4/5 times in the night when the pup was sick because he wanted me to rest, and not get up. He’s just the sweetest most dependable and loving person on the planet. I thank the universe every day for his warm, loving, caring soul and I’m so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with him!” AWW!

Their photographer friend wanted to update her website with couples photos, so they had a photoshoot day planned for months. Of course it was a prime time to propose - so to avoid suspicion, Rob lied through his teeth to give her false signals that he wasn’t going to propose. It worked like a charm!

After an hour of shooting cute couples photos, the photographer said she wanted to capture a creative idea. Each of them had to grab handfuls of petals, and go back-to-back to each other. On the count of three, they would toss them overhead and look back at each other. Three times they did this. Then on the fourth take, Rob was on a knee with the ring. It was a complete surprise. The photos capture her utter shock. She loves the ring, and they can’t stop admiring it!

As for their wedding, they want 20-30 people and to rent a big house somewhere. They really want to make it a vacation for everyone. They want to have a long weekend celebration with their friends and family and just relish in each other and all the joy, happiness and love that will surround them! Congrats you two!!


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