Clear Cut Couples: Amanda and Nic

Amanda and Nic met in the city of music, art, and love- Austin Texas! He had been living there for over a decade and she was in town for the weekend visiting from Dallas. They met in passing at a bar and talked for over an hour straight, they left their groups behind, went off to a quiet corner and connected on everything from sports and video games that they play, to music, and art that they love. It truly was love at first sight!

After that one conversation, they didn't see each other for over a month, but they did text or FaceTime every day until their first date. They found out that they had so much in common and bonded over all of their similar interests. When she finally made a trip back to Austin, the first thing Amanda did was meet him at what is now Driftwood Downtown in Austin, a cozy laid back rooftop bar. They listened to live music, had drinks and talked for hours. It felt like they had been friends for years. A few months later, Amanda made the move to Austin! It’s been over three and a half years since then!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. They always plan a trip somewhere special every fall, whether it's east or west coast, this annual trip is something that they really enjoy and look forward to! They have been inseparable since they met and never felt the need to make it "official," so they don't have an anniversary date and use this as a time to celebrate their relationship!

Nic proposed in their living room on "Christmas Eve," just the two of them in pajamas. He knows her so well- Amanda likes to be private and that she would faint at even the thought of a crazy surprise.

They had just gotten some other amazing news hours before and with her favorite holiday right around the corner, he couldn't have picked a more special time or moment for them. It was emotional, intimate, and everything that Amanda could have hoped for!

They are getting married at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas in the Spring! They have always loved and appreciated the uniquely daring style of this boutique hotel and know the space will perfectly represent their eclectic and quirky taste!


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