Clear Cut Couples: Betelle and Oscar

Betelle and Oscar Met at a Halloween party. Betelle was hosting the party at her house and Oscar came with his friends. Oscar was dressed as an “Ol’ Skool Rapper” and, admittedly, looked really cool. He was wandering around her house and happened to walk into her room. Naturally, he asked her to guess who he was dressed as. Betelle said nonchalantly, “Slick Rick,” as if everyone already knew and should obviously know the answer. Oscar had asked everyone at the party and she was the only one who knew 😂!

Though they didn’t know it at the time, that Halloween Party was the start of something very special: it was the day they each met their soulmates. They have known each other since 2010 and have been dating for about 2 years.

They have shared countless memories and adventures together -- and this is just the beginning!

When Oscar knew it was time to propose, he had to do something clever. He says Betelle is the smartest person he knows, (like Quantico smart) so if he was going to surprise her, he had to throw her off. He told her he would propose sometime in the fall so she wouldn't expect it. Plus, countless people told her it was coming soon and would most likely happen on their upcoming trip to France. Oscar knew she would think France was going to be the likely location, but he knew he could make it even more special for her.

Betelle's favorite flowers are tulips, so he thought there was no better place to propose than at the famous tulip gardens (Keukenhoff) in the Netherlands. He hired a photographer to pose as a “friendly local” that when prompted, would show them the best spot and take a couples picture for them.

The plan worked perfectly. They approached the “friendly local,” who directed them to the most photogenic spot in the garden. After the pre-planned code phrase "now do a romantic pose, "Oscar pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked Betelle to marry him.

Her response was a very giddy and smiley, "Really?!?!" she said. Then, she quickly added “YES!” plus a flurry of kisses, all perfectly captured on camera.

Betelle was so surprised! She definitely did not see this coming and it caught her totally off guard. She adores her cushion cut pave ring! It shines from all directions and catches the light effortlessly. Oscar says he notices her staring at it all the time.

For their wedding, they are still in the planning process. As of now, they’re aiming for it to happen in early 2020 with LOTS of guests. They both have huge families and lots of close friends!

Congratulations Betelle and Oscar -- we are so happy for you and can't wait to hear about your epic wedding!!