Clear Cut Couples: Annie and Cesar

Annie and Cesar met at work, though both of them work at different places now. They worked on a project together and became friends, then it became something more. Since then they have been together for almost two years!

They say it is hard to tell when their first date was. Early on they met up for dinner, but it was mostly a friend-hang-out type thing (although, Cesar says he had a crush on her). A month or so later, they had their official first date at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas and they ended up staying for dinner. Cesar knew she was the one early on, maybe on the second or third month of dating. There was just something about her -- he had no doubt she was the woman of his dreams and he was dating his future wife.

On a trip to Baltimore together, Cesar met Annie’s closest friends and family, got to see her hometown for the first time, and was introduced to what "real" seafood tastes like. Over their first holiday season together, Annie met all of Cesar’s family. Since then, they have shared countless memories and cannot wait for more.

Cesar proposed when the two of them were on vacation to Charleston, South Carolina at one of the historic plantation gardens. They were walking through the beautiful gardens and they approached a hill that overlooked much of the gardens and the river. It was a perfect spot that he had scoped out prior to going. Cesar was so excited and nervous and was walking faster than he normally does, which she noticed. He even read the map wrong so they approached the hill from the bottom side instead of the top. Annie was taking some photos which gave him a moment to prepare. Then, he popped the question. Luckily, they had the area to themselves and he got down on one knee. A tour group in the distance started cheering!

Annie was SO surprised. She knew he was the one for a while and that he would propose at some point, but she didn't expect it to happen there or during the trip. She was wow'd by the ring and is in love with her emerald cut ring with baguette side stones.

They wanted to enjoy the moment to themselves, so they held off on letting their friends and family know until the following day. They had a special dinner at an incredible restaurant after. The next day they FaceTime'd their family and closest friends -- everyone was thrilled!

They are in the midst of planning their wedding, so they don’t have final plans yet. They want to go for a smaller, more intimate wedding in about a year.

Congrats Annie and Cesar -- we cannot wait to hear about the wedding!