Clear Cut Couples: Haley and Thomas

Haley and Thomas met at Purdue University in their sophomore year accounting class. Thomas says two things happened when he saw her walk in on the first day, 1) his jaw dropped, 2) He thought to himself, "there's no way in hell that girl would ever talk to me." Their first official date was to an Indianapolis Pacers game their senior year of college. They had been "talking" for about a month. Thomas purchased the best tickets possible, picked up a pacers hat, (even though he’s a Knicks fan), and drove her down to the stadium. He was hoping to impress her with his car because it was manual. He offered to teach her how to drive it and she laughed; it turns out she already knew how. Thomas says she knew just about every other life skill thanks to her father (who actually called while they were in the car and asked who she was with  -- Haley said, “oh just a friend named Tom." 😂

They were long distance for two years after college, Haley in Michigan and Thomas in NYC. They tried to see each other at least once a month, but sometimes they went as long as 3 months without seeing each other. Luckily she was offered a role in Philadelphia - they were ecstatic. They moved in together and Thomas did the commute from Philly to NYC every day for a few months before limiting it to just weekends. After about a year in Philly, Haley requested to make her position fully remote and got the approval to move to NYC. They’ve been in Riverdale ever since with two cats Haley rescued in high school, Duke and Oliver, and a wild French Bulldog named Frank. They say their little family feels complete now, although Haley would argue for another dog. The two have been together for 6 years this coming winter.

Thomas proposed on St. Paddy's Day at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. He hired a photographer to meet them at the cliffs so he could discreetly capture the moment - he was waiting at the front gate and Thomas gave him a little head nod as we walked through to let him know it was him. He was walking about 25 yards in front at a good pace. Originally Thomas told Haley he wanted to be the first ones there, so she was a little confused as to why they were following this guy. Thomas just told her, "He's got a big camera so he probably knows where the best spots are." The plan was to reach a certain point where he'd go left and they’d go right. Thomas popped the question and the photographer captured the perfect moment. He says he was so nervous the only thing he managed to get out of his mouth was, "will you..." Then, Thomas broke out a fifth of Jameson from his jacket for an impromptu toast.

They drove to Galway right after the engagement. Thomas then told Haley all the details of picking out her ring with Olivia. When they were in Galway, it was actually St. Patty’s day, so the timing was perfect. Prior to the proposal, Haley mentioned whenever it happened she wanted to be alone so she could take it in and celebrate the moment just them two. They waited a few hours before texting friends and family. It was such a special and perfect night. They may have celebrated a little too hard -- they were back exhausted at the hotel by 9:00 PM.

Haley absolutely loves her old mine solitaire ring. She had been back and forth between what cut she wanted for a long time and ultimately narrowed it down between a pear or an old mine.

For their wedding, they’re deciding between a wedding at home in NYC or a destination in the Caribbean, which is what they’re leaning towards. They are also planning to have Olivia help design Haley’s perfect band and Thomas’ to match!

 Congrats Haley and Thomas -- we are SO happy for you!