THE Clear Cut Couple: Olivia and Kyle

I’ve written about countless love stories, and writing my own is so special. We originally announced our engagement on IGTV, watch it here! Keep reading to hear about the crazy way Kyle and I started dating, our favorite moments over the years, all about our proposal (and why we had to keep it a secret) and, of course… the ring!

How we met

I met Kyle when I was 22 at GIA, Gemological Institute of America, studying gemstones and diamonds 6 years ago. Kyle was at GIA because he started a fair-trade diamond mining company in Sierra Leone. He had previously worked in politics in Africa and knew Sierra Leone well but didn’t know anything about diamonds. So his investors sent him to GIA. At that time, I was working at Tiffany’s on their engagement floor. My friends like to joke that diamonds run in my blood. My father comes from a long line of diamond cutters and dealers from Antwerp, Belgium and my parents had an antique jewelry business, so I grew up falling in love with jewelry.

I actually studied media and communications at NYU because I thought I would do something different than my parents and go into journalism, or the fashion industry. I realized very quickly that my passion for jewelry was calling. Going to GIA seemed like the natural next step.

Kyle and I were actually in different classes, but we had the same lunch period. I immediately noticed him. Initially, we would always make awkward eye contact and sometimes I noticed him looking at me. After a few weeks, I built up the courage and I decided I was going to talk to him. But, as we were leaving for the day, he walked really fast, then he went to the subway, -- so I did too! I followed him to where he was going (looking back this was such a bold move!) I introduced myself and told him I was really good at diamond grading class and could tutor him after school one day! The rest is history. We have been together for over six years!

Over the years

Our first dates were after school doing homework and we quickly started doing every single thing together. Kyle told me he loved me after only a month! He then left for Africa for 11 weeks and we talked on the phone every single day. It was such a commitment! Kyle was often deep in the jungle with limited to no cell service or WiFi.

For the next couple of months, we were long distance and would see each other in NYC or Europe every month or so. Kyle would usually leave Africa for two weeks every month and a half or so. During these times we would always try to squeeze in as many romantic activities as possible.

One time Kyle came to visit me from Africa and just never left my apartment! The Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone was devastating the country and ultimately his business. That’s how we moved in together! Kyle just never went back to Africa

We have traveled the world together. We have gone to Africa, Europe, Israel, Asia (to visit my family) and the Caribbean. Some of our most special memories are in Lucca, Italy which is where Kyle spent every summer growing up, and where we will be having our wedding! Over the past six years, we have shared so many special moments and adventures, but it really feels like just the beginning. I am so grateful to have found someone that still gives me butterflies after all this time.

The proposal

We were asked countless times when we were getting engaged and I genuinely didn’t know. I knew Kyle was the one since our first date, so getting engaged didn’t feel like something we needed to do soon. The Clear Cut has been our priority and it takes all of our time, so I didn’t want to rush getting married. We hadn’t really talked about what kind of ring I wanted -- Kyle did that all on his own! When Kyle decided he wanted to propose, he talked to my mom about finding a ring. He was in a really tough position because I look at diamonds all day and fall in love with each ring I make. I love every cut, setting, and combination I create for my clients, so choosing would have been so difficult for me.

Luckily, my mom remembered a ring I had pointed out since I was young. Kyle’s plan was to propose onset of a national TV show we were filming independent of our proposal, thinking it would have been aired. He got down on one knee and I immediately started crying. I was in such shock and disbelief. Kyle was so nervous that he was visibly shaking and the ring box rolled around the floor and he had to crawl to get it!

It was such an epic proposal and I could not think of a better surprise. Unfortunately, the episode isn’t going to air, but until we knew that, we had to keep it a secret. This was SO hard because I wanted to start planning the wedding and keeping it a secret, as you can imagine, was so difficult.

The ring

When I was 8 years old, I remember seeing my mom wearing this ring and I told her to save it for me for my engagement ring -- she laughed it off at the time, but she never forgot. It is over 100 years old from the art deco period. It is an asscher cut center stone with a diamond baguette frame set in platinum. It is so unique and makes me smile every time I see it. I changed the setting and side stones to make it my own. When I wear it, I feel love from my mom, the ring’s history and the modern twist represents my love story. I still catch myself getting distracted -- it is hard not to stare at it!

The wedding

We are getting married at the end of June in Lucca, Italy. Kyle spent every summer there with his parents growing up and it is in our close friend’s villa, which has been in their family for generations! It will be rustic, with incredible food, lots of wine, and our closest family and friends. We are so grateful for the outpouring of love we have received since we announced our engagement. We cannot wait to continue on this journey and take you along with us! 💖


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