Clear Cut Couples: Bobby and Remy

Bobby and Remy met at a bar in Newport, RI. Remy is an RI native and he told her that he was living in Newport for the summer so she assumed that he was from out of town and was excited to be meeting someone not from RI. Turns out, he was from a few towns over renting a house with friends for the summer. Just her luck, someone to keep her close to home!

Their first date was supposed to be dinner in Boston (where she was living at the time). In true Bobby fashion, he called her at work in the middle of the day asking to "pull an audible" on the date they had planned. She said yes and they ended up going to a Red Sox game which he somehow pulled off amazing seats for. Neither of them remember who the Red Sox were playing, what the score was, or any details about the game! Since then, they have been together two and a half years!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! They absolutely love to travel and do getaways together, even if that means a staycation. A highlight of their relationship was doing Getaway House which was a very secluded cabin in the woods where they locked their phones in a box and just enjoyed the time with each other.

Bobby proposed on 12.19.2020. He told Remy that they were going to do some last minute Christmas shopping in Boston - they do one Christmas shopping trip a year where they get a Christmas coffee drink, walk around and see the decoration and shop - so she was definitely surprised! He wanted to "see the Christmas tree in Faneuil Hall" so they parked and started walking over. They started to walk through Christopher Columbus park, her favorite spot in Boston, when he stopped her on the stairs, turned her around and got down on one knee! Remy said, “I was totally shocked. He then surprised me with a private cooking class (which I've been asking to do for 2 years) with both of our immediate families. It was so intimate and absolutely perfect. It was a total surprise! I couldn't believe the ring was really mine - I was and am so obsessed with it. It is my dream ring and more brought to life.”

They are getting married in the summer of 2022 in Newport RI, where they met! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!