Clear Cut Couples: Brad and Adrienne

Brad and Adrienne met through work. It was Adrienne’s second day on the job, and Brad was assigned as her training mentor. (SCANDALOUS!) The spark between them was instant, but needless to say, they kept it professional, and did so for several months before making it official! It all started in the spring of 2013! So it's about time they tied the knot!) :)

Brad and Adrienne are die-hard St. Louis Blues Hockey fans. The night the Blues won the Stanley Cup, Brad brought out a bottle of champagne to celebrate. He pretended he couldn't open it and asked Adrienne to come help. As she opened the bottle, Brad asked, "you know the Blues get a ring for winning the Stanley Cup, right?"... and Adrienne scoffed and said "DUH" (any hockey fan knows that!)... and then he said, "well if the Blues get a ring, then you should get a ring!"... and Brad got down on one knee and proposed! HOW SWEET?!

Adrienne was not surprised that Brad popped the question (she laid the hints on pretty thick), but was totally flabbergasted that he did it the night that the Blues won the Stanley Cup. It made it a very special night that they both will never forget! And Adrienne's reaction to the ring? Well... she's STILL gushing over how perfect it is!!! They love it!

Brad and Adrienne are getting married in August of 2020 in Seattle, WA. Congrats you two we are SO excited for you!!

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