Clear Cut Couples: Brianna and Erica

Brianna (Bri) and Erica met at Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL in 2014. Bri had planned the trip with a group of her friends, who happened to be mutual friends with the group Erica was with on the beach. After they left the beach that weekend, they didn't see each other again for a whole year. The truth is, they both never let go of the idea of being together. When they reunited on the same beach a year later, they both knew another year of silence was not an option. So, in 2016 Bri moved from Chicago to Atlanta to take a chance on 'the girl from the beach'. The rest is history!

They don’t have a clear first date, but they said it was likely sneaking off from the group at Hangout Music Festival to make their own chairs in the sand and listen to The Avett Brothers play their set on the beach. They 'officially' began dating in the Summer of 2016, which makes it 5 years in July.

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! They have two mutual favorite places on earth: the beach and the mountains. One of their favorite trips was their first hike up to Blood Mountain in Georgia in the summer of 2016. Later that night on the rooftop watching fireworks on the 4th of July, they said “I love you” for the first time. They also made incredible memories on a trip to Tulum, where they spent the day exploring local bars, restaurants, and per Erica's request: shopping! If they aren't lucky enough to be in the mountains or at the beach on the weekends, you can find them at a vineyard in North Georgia or on a patio listening to live music.

At the end of May in 2021, they took a hike up Fort Mountain in North Georgia with their friends Jessie & James. Bri had shared with James prior that, assuming the overlook view was decent, this was going to be the day she would pop the question. As they got to the top of the overlook, the view was breathtaking. In true Erica fashion, she hopped a fence that you are not supposed to hop, and the ordinary pictures began. When it was Bri & Erica's turn for their photoshoot, Bri found her footing on the rock that seemed the most secure...and asked Erica if she would marry her.

Erica had no idea the engagement was coming on this day. She wondered why Bri was not cooperating with the 'let's take a picture' request at first, but it turns out she was fumbling around trying to put the ring box in her sleeve to ensure the element of surprise was intact. Bri's birthday is on May 25th, so as they were snapping normal photos, Bri shared there was 1 more thing she wanted for her birthday, and that was to spend the rest of her life with Erica. The reaction to the ring was true awe. Erica dropped to her knees in tears, asking if this was 'for real', and after saying yes -- she shared that the ring could not be more perfect.

They would love to have their wedding at a ranch out West where their closest friends and family get to spend the weekend in nature and enjoy each other's company. The goal is to fill the weekend with so much love that it will be a memory for everyone involved for years to come. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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