Clear Cut Couples: Brittany and Oliver

Brittany and Oliver met at a BBQ over Memorial Day weekend in 2017, hosted by their mutual friend Jason Spear in Brooklyn. Oliver traveled up to NYC from Washington, D.C. where he lives. Brittany also happened to be hosting her best friend Farrah who was in town from D.C. and they decided to stop by to say hello. Jason's gathering brought everyone together to celebrate the holiday weekend and the unofficial transition from spring to summer. When Brittany walked into the party, she went to the kitchen to drop off food, while Farrah began asking everyone at the party where they were from. Oliver said he’s from East Atlanta, and Brittany turned around and screamed: “I grew up in East Atlanta!”

They instantly struck up a conversation that ended up lasting for three or four hours in the kitchen. They talked about everything from growing up in Georgia, music, living in Washington D.C., working for President Obama, film and so much more. Oliver discovered that Brittany was actually born in Louisville, KY and moved to Atlanta when she was 8. And that she actually didn’t grow up in “East Atlanta,” but the Eastern suburbs of Atlanta. After a quick geography lesson from Oliver, their conversation continued well into the evening 😂. According to Oliver, Brittany has been his girlfriend since that day and they haven’t looked back since. Since then they have been together for almost two years!

 Oliver proposed twice! The first proposal was without a ring on their first anniversary, last spring at the Bearded Lady in Brooklyn. The proposal completely caught Brittany off guard. They stopped to get pre-anniversary dinner drinks and after they ordered, Oliver took Brittany’s hands, proceeded to tell her how much he loved her, how much joy she brought to his life, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, as his wife. Then he asked Brittany if she would be his “forever partner.” Brittany hit Oliver’s shoulder, looked around for a camera crew and asked, “are you joking? Is this for real? Are you serious?” Oliver responded, “Yes baby, yes!” Brittany responded, of course, "I’d love to be your wife and spend the rest of my life with you!"

Brittany said she was fine with a diamond wedding band, but Oliver insisted that she get an engagement ring too. Together, they looked at several jewelry stores and were given a recommendation to check out The Clear Cut. They worked together with Olivia to design the Art Deco inspired setting and Oliver picked out the center stone. They chose an emerald cut center stone to represent the month of May, which is when they first met.

The second proposal happened over dinner six months later in Washington, D.C. - the day Oliver received the engagement ring from The Clear Cut. Brittany had just returned the day before from vacation in Belize with her girlfriends and was headed to Sundance the following day to pitch her next film project.

She was so surprised! That is, for the first proposal. She knew the second proposal was coming, but she didn’t know when it was coming. As they sat down for dinner, Oliver leaned down next to the coffee table. He got down on both knees this time, instead of one. He took her hand and asked, “Brittany LaRee will you do me the honor of being my wife?” Brittany nodded her head yes and started crying tears of joy. Oliver then said, “I can’t hear you. You have to actually say yes in order to get the ring - nodding doesn’t count. I need to hear you say yes.” Brittany responded through her tears, “Yes Oliver Spurgeon III, I would be delighted to be your wife.” So after a month of working with Olivia and The Clear Cut team, Brittany said yes for the second time to the perfect man and an amazing art deco style emerald cut ring!

Their wedding will be in St. Lucia or Paris in the spring of 2020. Congratulations Brittany and Oliver -- we cannot wait to hear about your wedding!