Clear Cut Couples: Diana and Harry

Diana and Harry met their freshman year of college at NYU, in the dorm where they both lived. They had a lot of mutual friends at school, but weren’t “official” until fall semester of their junior year. Since then, they have been together for almost eight amazing years!

Harry proposed on Diana’s birthday! That Saturday, they were having a sleepy weekend morning (they ordered in breakfast, binge watched the Sopranos, FaceTimed some friends with birthday wishes, all of whom were secretly scheming about the impending proposal, as it turned out!).

Around 3:30pm, Harry announced that Diana actually had to be ready to leave the apartment by 4:30pm. Diana was a little surprised since they had a dinner reservation at their favorite sushi restaurant Shuko for 6:30pm (they’re old souls and like to eat early!) and then they had plans to meet with two other couples for casual drinks after. Harry explained that he had a surprise gift for Diana, but that she had to pick it out for herself at the store. At that point, Diana suspected that it could be a puppy since they had been talking about getting one not long before then.

They left at 4:30pm on the dot and when they got in the car, the driver was instructed to drop them off near Washington Square Park, i.e., the NYU campus (Diana was thinking, OK, it could still be a puppy since there is a dog store right near there...). When they arrived at the entrance, Harry said he couldn’t remember which side of the park the store was on, so they walked through the middle while he looked at his phone “for directions.” Once they got to the fountain, facing their old dorm Hayden Hall, he got down on one knee. Diana says, “All I remember after that was bursting into tears and the sound of strangers cheering nearby. Needless to say, our engagement was way better than a puppy (though I wouldn’t mind getting one of those next…hint hint)!”

The surprises did not end there. After an intimate celebratory dinner just the two of them, they left to go “meet the two couples at a brand new speakeasy bar.” Instead, when they arrived at their destination, around forty of their closest friends and family (some of whom flew in for 24 hours just to be there) were waiting to surprise them at a private event that Harry planned to celebrate the engagement. In the end, it was one of the best days of both of their lives.

Diana says she was shocked! They had already been together for quite a while, but during that time, they were in college and then law school after that, so they never felt that there was a big rush. And believe it or not, they had never explicitly discussed engagement or rings. So Diana had absolutely no idea that on January 2, 2019, Harry had decided to start planning everything with the intention of proposing on February 2, 2019. To pull this off, he worked closely behind the scenes with several of Diana’s closest girlfriends, as well as Olivia from The Clear Cut, to collect all the data points he could find in order to create the perfect ring. Diana is in love with her radiant cut three stone ring with shield side stones. She says, “It’s everything I would have wanted and more. It’s modern, a little different but still classic, and the perfect size! (Thank you Clear Cut!!!)”

They are still in the very early stages of planning, but will most likely have their wedding in the summer of 2020 -- congrats Diana and Harry!