Clear Cut Couples: Cameron and Ben


Cameron and Ben met during the first weekend of their freshman year at Bates College in 2011. Ben & his roommates were throwing one of the first big parties in their tiny dorm room. Cameron walked into a packed space, but her and Ben locked eyes immediately. He pointed at her from across the room and curled his finger to come over (I think it's called finger summoning?!). Cameron says, “If you know Ben, you know this is SO UNLIKE him - he's extremely polite and actually shy - but something came over him and I'm so glad I listened to the summon!!” Their first date was actually just in their dining hall - Commons - but it was a big deal to eat alone without friends, so it felt special! AWW! Since then, they have been together for over 8 years!!

They have done some amazing things during their 8 years together - trips to Prague, Africa, many SKI trips, etc. but the most special part of their relationship is that they’ve really grown up together. That’s what happens when you start dating when you're still TEENAGERS!! They have deep and profound love & respect for one another which has stood the test of time and they couldn't be happier or more excited to enter this new chapter in their lives & relationship.

The day after Christmas, Ben's mom was having her couples friends over for Boxing Day. They were so excited and Cameron was helping prepare the house, food, and decorations all day. She was knee deep in a creative tablescape in the dining room when Ben’s mom said "You know what would be the most helpful? If you and Ben took the dogs for a walk." Cameron was a tiny bit confused because they were having so much fun decorating but said, "Ok!" So Ben and Cameron packed their 2 yellow labs up in the car and drove a few minutes down the street to Belmont Hill where he went to high school. They were running around with the dogs on the football field for 30 minutes and all of a sudden, Ben said "CAMMY!" - she turned around and Ben was on 1 knee. She looked at him and said, "ARE YOU SERIOUS??!" and he said "Yup! Will you marry me?" She, of course, screamed YES! And they hugged for what felt like eternity. They were both shaking and Cameron said "I had a whole speech planned but I just couldn't get it out!" And once they both relaxed a little, he said his speech and it was the most private and perfect thing. Just the 2 of them in a big field - could not have been better! When they got back to the house, his parents were there waiting for them with champagne. They were in on it the whole time!

It was a COMPLETE surprise! Who proposes the day after Christmas!!?? Cameron knew she was going to marry Ben, but she was really unsure of the timing. The surprise factor made it all the better and she still feels in shock! The reaction to the ring was absolute shock, awe, and pure joy. Cameron says, “I couldn't have dreamed of a more beautiful stone and setting. I am so beyond lucky. Thank you so much for sourcing and creating the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.”

They don't have anything locked down yet for their wedding plans, but they’re thinking summer 2021. Right now, they’re trying to soak up the amazing time before the planning starts!

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