Clear Cut Couples: Candace and Andy

Andy and Candace met twice in life! Once as co-workers for a really short time in TX. Then years and years later coincidently Andy moved to the same state that Candace was in (CA), they planned to meet for a KBBQ dinner, and confessed their crushes for one another from the day they first met!

Their first date lasted hours and hours - eating and talking about life. It seemed like time flew by!

Shortly after they began dating, Andy had to move from state to state to complete his medical rotations before obtaining residency in Missouri. They spent 5+ years flying to various states to see each other, New York being their favorite place, so they started spending all of their vacations there!

On 3/4/2023 Andy surprised Candace on their annual NYC trip! The day was exactly the way they love to spend vacation days in NYC. Wake up late, rush to coffee, bike all around Manhattan and then cross over the Brooklyn Bridge. They explored Dumbo and then BOOM! Andy got down on one knee with a beautiful view of the city behind them!

Candace was searching for clues, and she couldn’t ANY! The proposal was a complete surprise and the ring is PERFECT!

They are planning to get married mid 2024 and are moving back to LA, where their love story started! No official date, but a wedding with Palm Trees in the distance is definitely in the works! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!