Clear Cut Couples: Chelsea and Chip

Chelsea and Chip are both nurses and met at the hospital. Their first date was casual but perfect! They enjoyed dinner together at a wine and pizza place and then enjoyed each other's company so much that they wanted the night to continue. They went to a speakeasy bar and stayed till after closing, talking, laughing, and ended the night with their first kiss.

Adventure has been the highlight of their relationship. Although Chelsea was away travel nursing, Chip always made a point to come visit her wherever she was and they would make a trip out of it. The first was Wisconsin where they spent time going to craft breweries, enjoying the cheese curds, the state fair where they saw Maren Morris to the next stop which was California. He surprised her for Valentine’s Day for a weekend getaway at a hot spring resort, winery tours, and a visit to the beach. They spent two weeks traveling to San Francisco and then Yosemite National Park before coming home and moving in together. When they were all moved in, they got their first fur baby together, a yellow Labrador retriever named Delilah.

They made an early Valentine’s Day trip to Sedona, Arizona and started the day with a hike up to see views of the red rocks. At the top with the amazing views is where he proposed. Then they celebrated the rest of the day in town at a mom and pop wine bar with live music followed by dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant where a live pianist played.

Chelsea knew the proposal would happen but she did not know when or where. She couldn’t think of anything more them! It was a perfect proposal outdoors with an amazing view. She said, “We both cried happy tears and are so ecstatic for the future! Initially I couldn’t even see the ring with the tears in my eyes just knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with this man. But once able to see… it was stunning! My dream ring!” 


They love the outdoors, so they see themselves getting married in Lakeside, Montana with views of the lake and mountain behind them surrounded by family. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!