Clear Cut Couples: Casey and Tom

Casey and Tom met junior year in college at the University of Pittsburgh. Tom’s fraternity was paired up with Casey’s sorority for a greek life charity event, greek sing. He requested to be paired up with Casey as his dance partner (might have checked out her facebook beforehand), and his friend made that happen. 

The rest is history. The first time they truly met at a party to introduce the group and partners, they could not stop talking. Talking led to dancing, dancing led to non-stop hanging out, and 9 years later now engaged with a bulldog in their home they recently bought together. 

Casey would tell you it wasn't really a date at all. But it was. They went to see Inside Out when it first came out. Tom may have invited some friends, lucky enough they didn’t come. And they still went (on their first date) to see the movie. Funny enough, Inside Out 2 is about to come out. Now they get to see it as fiancés!

They have been together for 9 years since! And they shared so many incredible memories over the years. They traveled a lot together - they’ve gone to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, and Punta Cana together. They also moved from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia together in 2018 and bought their first home together in 2023. Most importantly, they got a dog together in 2018, a bulldog named Humphrey Bogart.

Tom proposed on 5/31/24. He surprised her on their roof with all of their friends and performed a song that he wrote for her! Casey was so surprised! She absolutely loves the ring. Casey has been showing it off ever since. Congratulations to you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photos by: @aworkof_love