Clear Cut Couples: Cassidy and Justin

Cassidy and Justin met in a high school Spanish class! They had to complete a group project and Justin asked if he could be in Cassidy's group. After a few weeks of chatting back and forth about the project, Justin decided to ask Cassidy if she wanted to grab dinner one night. He wanted to keep it casual and so they went to Chipotle. He was so nervous that on the way there, he lightly rear ended the car in front of him on the way! In the end, everything turned out just right! They have been together since 2011 - over 9 years!

Because they have been together for so long, they have grown up together and have shared so many incredible memories over the years! They met when Cassidy was 15 and Justin was 17. After that, Cassidy went to college in Rhode Island and Justin went to school in Pennsylvania and they drove 5 hours to visit each other whenever they could. It was always so special to both of them when they would go back to New Jersey to see their families and be together for the holidays and summer vacations. They went to Punta Cana a few years ago and have travelled to many beach trips down the shore and to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Justin proposed on September 26 during the sunset on a stunning beach in Long Branch, NJ. Justin told Cassidy that they had plans to go to a winery during the afternoon and would have dinner afterwards. When they got to Long Branch, he told her that they actually had some time before the dinner reservation, so they should go for a walk on the beach. Justin said, “As we were walking on the beach, I got down on one knee and proposed as a photographer captured the moment. Afterwards, we went to the restaurant and our families were there to surprise Cassidy!”

Cassidy was SO surprised and could not stop staring at the ring! Once Justin opened the box she couldn't focus on the words coming out of his mouth during the proposal because she was so obsessed with the sparkly ring. He knocked it out of the park!

As for now, they are planning a wedding for 2022! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!