Clear Cut Couples: Chris and Gill

Chris and Gill met while working an internship at Major League Soccer. It was Gill's first day on the job and she was sitting in the lobby waiting for her new manager to come meet her. That is when she spotted the cute guy by the elevator. From that day on April 14th, 2014 Gill hoped that their paths would cross at some point in the office. Lucky enough, the company hosted some awesome World Cup viewing parties and that's when it all began. They bonded over their passion for soccer and so much more!

Outside of a few nights out for drinks, their first real formal date was at Emporio in Soho. Nothing says I love you more than great pizza, pasta and wine! While they met back in April of 2014, they have been together for 6 years with their first official date being in early October of 2015!!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. They love to travel whether it's internationally or even just 2 hours outside of NYC. One of their favorite long weekend getaways is Greenport, NY. Gill spent many summers there as a teenager with friends, but took Chris out there for the first time a few years ago. Chris fell in love with the little quaint town that is not too far from excellent wineries and their now favorite brewery. Greenport has become a sacred spot for the two of them to truly enjoy and spend away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Another favorite memory is probably their trip to Europe in 2019. They traveled from Amsterdam to Paris to London. They explored museums, walked different neighborhoods, drank beers, ate their way through each city and enjoyed every bit of what each city had to offer. Chris even took Gill to her first European soccer (football) match to watch his favorite club, Liverpool beat Crystal Palace. Hands down, one of the most phenomenal experiences to-date. They said, “Needless to say, traveling the world isn't as fun without each other!”

The two of them are notorious for morning coffee walks. They became way more frequent during the pandemic, but they usually hit up different coffee shops and always take a nice stroll. They just so happen to be in Greenport for a long weekend. Per usual, they grabbed some coffee and went on a morning coffee walk. Now, every single time they have been to Greenport, Chris insists that they walk by the brewery that is located downtown next to a building that was once a jail - yes, even when it is 9AM and the brewery isn't open yet. Outside of them just loving that brewery, Chris thinks a picture in front of the jail is a hilarious photo op. And they haven't missed a single photo op in front of that jail since the very first time they’ve been to Greenport... so yes, they have a nice series of "jail" photos.” LOL! That all being said, the morning of October 15th wasn't just a typical coffee stroll by the Greenport Brewery and jail. Chris went to place Gill for a photo op, but then proceeded to get down on one knee! While many people were like "why, in front of a jail?"They laugh because it holds a very special place in their hearts dating back to their very first Greenport adventure.

It was a TOTAL surprise! With tired eyes and barely half way through Gill's morning coffee, she said YES! Gill LOVES the ring - it is everything she could have wanted and more!

Right now we are just enjoying being engaged! Wedding planning will begin soon! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!