Clear Cut Couples: Fran and Jenny

Francis (Fran) and Jenny met on Hinge in November and they did not physically meet for the first time for 3 months since Jenny had to go back to London/Europe where she was living at the time. Their first date was in COVID so it was via FaceTime and lasted 2 hours and they only hung up because Jenny had to meet her friend for dinner. They were Facetiming every day for 3 months, met each other's family and friends over Facetime too and got to know each other very well in a short amount of time. They have been together since December 2021!

It sounds cheesy but they knew from the first Facetime that they were "it" for each other and Fran even told her a couple weeks later that he knows it sounds crazy but he was going to marry her!! Jenny’s whole family and all of her friends were also convinced that they would be getting married one day. They just knew.

After finally meeting in person in San Diego in March, Fran invited her to come home to New Jersey with him to meet his family and best friends. He also came to Europe in July for 3 weeks to meet her family in Germany and they went on to travel around the South of France and Spain.

Fran proposed in September on his favorite beach in Newport, which has an important meaning to him.

Jenny knew a proposal was coming, but she was not sure when. She gave Fran "instructions" on the ring, but it exceeded any dreams and expectations that she ever had. She said, “It's the most beautiful ring I could have imagined for myself. Thanks for your help Olivia!!”

As for their wedding, they don't have plans yet, but maybe in the Fall next year once COVID has gotten better and Jenny’s family and friends from all over the world can come to California and celebrate with them! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!