Clear Cut Couples: Christian and Kristina

Christian and Kristina are college sweethearts—they met at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut where they both attended! They first crossed paths at Kristina's first fraternity mixer which just so happened to be with Christian's frat. Christian, being as outgoing as he is, approached Kristina and her group of sorority sisters and sparked up a conversation. You could say the rest was history!

After being friends for a couple of years, Kristina decided to ask Christian to her sorority's formal as her date. From there on out, they were inseparable! Just as Kristina was about to say "Ciao!" and leave to study in Rome for the semester, Christian asked Kristina to be his girlfriend and a few months later got on his first international flight to go visit her. They have now been together for 7 years.

They have shared countless incredible memories over the years. To date, some of their most special memories include traveling throughout Europe and the US together. Some of their favorite trips include Germany, Italy, California, and Hawaii! Aside from Sacred Heart where they met and started their relationship, the Jersey Shore and Jersey City also hold a special place in their hearts. They spend as much of their summer as they can down the shore and Jersey City is where Christian made the "unimaginable" move from New York to New Jersey—something he joked he would never do! They now both call Jersey City home and moved into their first apartment together last year.

Christian planned to propose on Thanksgiving, but COVID had a different plan. Fast forward to Kristina being healthy, Christian proposed one week later on 12/1/23. Kristina thought she was going to dinner with Christian, her aunt, and her uncle. After they got to her aunt's house to pick them up, Christian was then rushed inside to "help her uncle clean up spilled alcohol and broken glass." A few minutes later, Kristina's aunt convinced her to come inside and "help," sending her downstairs with towels. When she got to the bottom of the stairs and saw Christian and his whole setup, Kristina quickly realized what was happening, threw the towels to the floor, and immediately started to cry. And, obviously SHE SAID YES!

It was a huge surprise—something Kristina didn't think Christian was going to be able to pull off with her Type A planning personality. When she saw the ring, her jaw quite literally dropped. She is in love with it and it could not be more perfect!

As for their wedding, they are currently planning a 2025 New Year's Eve wedding at Nanina's in the Park in Belleville, NJ. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you! 

Photographer: @shotsbyceleste