Clear Cut Couples: Alejandra and Santiago

Alejandra and Santiago met 9 years ago as teenagers during a family vacation in Santa Marta, Colombia, and became friends during the summer. At that moment, they each had a crush on each other, but it was a very short vacation and they were still building a nice friendship. They lost communication after the trip and after 8 years, they found themselves again in February 2022 via a dating app. Immediately, they remembered that unique summer and memories came back. This was the beginning of their love story.

On their first date, they went to have dinner at an Italian restaurant in Bogota on Valentine’s Day. There was a special environment where everyone greeted them for being a nice couple, without knowing it was their first date. As they anticipated, it was a magical date (not quite a magical dinner). Actually, they arrived at the restaurant, ordered a couple of drinks and started catching up from 8 years of stories that they missed. They were in another world, so immersed in the conversation that they forgot to order food and were alerted by a waitress telling them that the restaurant was closing and they needed to find a new place! At that moment, Alejandra checked her phone. It was past midnight and she had 10 missed calls from her sister. From that first date, they both knew everything changed and something very special was growing. As they were saying goodbye that night Alejandra told Santiago a phrase that will be written in their wedding bands, "De cero a siempre contigo.” They have been together for two years since and are getting married in June 2024!

As a young couple, they have experienced many adventures together! Alejandra is 23 and Santiago is 27 right now. During their first year together, they built a love of traveling. Their first trip together was to NYC and at that moment they started dreaming of having a place together. In 2022, they enjoyed life with concerts around Colombia. By the end of the first year Santiago knew she was the one and started planning the marriage proposal. During their second year they had an amazing experience building their new home, living together and bringing a puppy to their house. As a second anniversary gift, they planned a trip to Mexico for the F1 race, hot air balloon flight, and Dia de Muertos, where Santiago had the marriage proposal surprise for her. Their latest adventure, they are moving together to Argentina to live there for a couple of years!

On October 31st 2023, during their anniversary trip to Mexico, Santiago proposed to her in San Miguel de Allende in a beautiful, unique spot in the Rosewood Hotel. Everything was planned for her to think that they were going out for a drink on the hotel's rooftop, but he had a very special place in the hotel reserved for dinner. Santiago arranged everything with the hotel staff to give them a small tour through the hotel's facilities, but they were actually taking them to the reserved spot for dinner. Right before getting to the spot, Santiago told Alejandra that he had a special painting from San Miguel that he had delivered to the hotel, then covered her eyes and took her to a beautiful spot that the hotel prepared for them. Actually, he did have a painting for her, with a letter on the back, that they intend to take with them wherever life takes them. Needless to say, SHE SAID YES!!

It was a beautiful surprise! They talked a lot about getting married before, but she didn't expect it was going to happen at that moment, during the Mexico trip. Months before the proposal, Santiago went to her parents house, as is tradition in Colombia, to ask for her parents blessing. Their reaction was beautiful, they were very excited with the news and helped him plan the surprise for her. At the proposal, her reaction was unbelievable, they both cried, they had a hidden camera recording every moment, it was the best moment of their lives. She loved the ring! Santiago said, “I had a very unique design made by TCC, that was exactly as I imagined. It was absolutely perfect!”

They are getting married in Medellin on June 8th, 2024. They are currently planning every detail for the wedding! They will have a three day celebration from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th, with their closest friends and family, that will be hosted in a place called Zona E, 15 min away from Medellin. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!