Clear Cut Couples: Patrick and Isabel

Patrick and Isabel met on Hinge! Technically their first date was over FaceTime - Isabel was traveling for several of her friends' weddings and if they waited to meet in person, it was going to be a while! It was both of their first (and last) FaceTime dates and, even over the phone, they clicked instantly. For the first *in person* date about a week later, Patrick picked a restaurant close to Isabel’s apartment, Gage & Tollner, for drinks. It was one of the hottest days of the year and she was running late so she practically ran there and was sweaty and flustered. Once she got to the bar, Patrick chilled her out... which is one of the things that she loves about him, he's so calm. They ordered oysters and chatted for a while. Then he walked her home. On their walk, Patrick noticed Isabel’s shoes (one of her favorite pairs) and said he got the same ones for his mom. The man has taste! The rest is history… they have been together for 1 year and 7 months!

They have shared countless incredible memories! There are so many, but a few of their favorite moments... their first trip together was also the first time that Isabel met Patrick’s friends. They flew to Georgia for the UGA/Auburn game. She was really nervous at first, but ended up hitting it off with the whole crew. Another favorite early memory was the Florence & The Machine show that they went to, on the floor at MSG. Another memorable show was Ed Sheeran during the Summer of 2023. 

They have been on a lot of trips since being together, but they both agree that Portugal was their favorite, specifically the Douro Valley. They took a private river cruise one late afternoon. The weather was perfect and they even caught the sunset. Everyone thought that they got engaged from their photos (not yet at least)!

Patrick pulled off the ultimate surprise, which is tough because Isabel is usually the planner and if she is not, she will ask a ton of questions. She was so oblivious that she almost skipped Hair Wash Day! She thought that they were meeting his extended family on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade on their way to dinner at The River Café, a restaurant she’d been dying to try. He knew to pick that restaurant because 1) she would dress up and 2) it's the only restaurant where the promenade is on the way... otherwise, she would have insisted on taking the shortcut under the bridge. He proposed on the promenade just down the street from their apartment while Isabel was in the middle of asking him even more questions (e.g. Where's your family? Are we not going to dinner? Are we not going to The River Café and so on...). After the proposal, they had celebratory drinks at the 1 Hotel and then yes, dinner at The River Café. The day after, Patrick had both of their immediate families fly/drive in for a surprise engagement dinner at Cecconi's in Dumbo.

It was a total surprise! So much so that Isabel almost ruined it steps before. It was freezing and she forgot gloves, so she went to put her hand in his pocket (like she always does when it's cold) and he freaked out! She thought someone was behind her trying to rob him or something. If she looked up she would've seen the photographer, that's how close they were.

Isabel said, “I love the ring so much, it's exactly what I wanted. A month later and I'm still distracted by it! It's so sparkly and perfect.”

As for their wedding, it will likely be Summer 2025 in Maine! Isabel’s dad's family has been going to Mount Desert Island for over 62 years, and it's a special place to their family. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photos: @colbyblountweddings