Clear Cut Couples: Christina and Patrick


Christina and Patrick met the summer after college at a big Cincinnati festival. They had met previously in college, but didn't connect until later. Their mutual friends at the festival introduced them. They didn't go on their first date until 6 months later, when they ran into each other again at a local bar! Naturally, their first date was at a local brewery. Since then, they have been together for almost 6 years (in March). For them, it’s gone by in an instant.

On December 31st, in Washington D.C. Patrick said he wanted to make the plans for that day, although it’s usually Christina who makes the plans. He wanted to walk along the Potomac to the Jefferson Memorial. She agreed. He proposed on the river bank and one of their closest friends, Sarah Daly, was there to capture the moment.


Christina was so surprised -- she never thought he would propose on vacation. It was absolutely perfect! She is obsessed with her ring. It is unique, gorgeous, and just what she wanted! They are both thrilled with the proposal and the antique style pear shaped diamond ring.

Christina and Patrick are in the process of planning their wedding now! They are still looking at venues, but they want to have an intimate wedding with close friends and family. They are enjoying being engaged right now. Congratulations you two -- we cannot wait to hear about it!