Clear Cut Couples: Con and Rebecca

Con and Rebecca met at a high school formal in 2010.  She was 15, and Con was 17 at the time. The next morning, she had a friend request from Con on Facebook, and they continued to stay in contact.

Their first official date was at a local coffee shop in their country town of Shepparton, Victoria called Gloria Jeans. As they ordered their beverages, Con learned that she wasn't actually a coffee drinker, so she ordered a hot chocolate instead. They sat and talked for hours and realized that they had a lot in common. In particular, they both shared an interest in fashion. Since then they have been together for nine years!!

Because they are high school sweethearts, they have grown up together and as a result, have formed a strong friendship as well as a relationship. They both went off to university in the city (Melbourne) to study law following high school. In the past couple of years, they have both completed seven consecutive years of university together, and both have bachelors and Juris Doctor degrees. Con is an admitted Australian lawyer, and Rebecca will be admitted as a lawyer in the next few months! This accomplishment is significant because they both supported each other throughout their studies and worked together to fulfill their goals.

Con proposed on the eve of their nine-year anniversary (11th July 2020). They had plans to go on an interstate holiday. However, due to travel restrictions, they decided to go to Melbourne instead. About four days before the proposal, there were stricter travel restrictions imposed, and they were no longer permitted to travel to Melbourne. Rebecca suggested that they should just “chill” for their anniversary, however, Con insisted that they should at least do something, as nine years was a very significant milestone. 48 hours before the proposal, Con managed to book a last-minute weekend away at a winery. When they arrived that afternoon, they settled in and began getting ready for dinner that night. Because it was the middle of winter and there was rain forecasted for the next day, Con suggested that they go for a walk before dinner to check out the winery. Rebecca said, “As we were walking, we started to approach a romantic setting with a boat jetty, where Con asked me if I'd like to take a selfie. This was unusual for Con, as he generally doesn't ask to take photos. Con seemed nervous and wasn't being himself. After I took the selfie, I turned around, and there was Con on one knee asking me to marry him!! Con had also organized a local photographer to capture the moment.”

Rebecca had a feeling that a proposal wasn't far away based on the length of time they had been together. Although, she didn't know it was going to happen on their anniversary. She said, “My first reaction when I saw the ring was ‘OMG IT'S MASSIVE!’.” They hope to get married next year or the year after but haven't started planning yet. They are just enjoying being newly engaged.