Clear Cut Couples: Danielle and Patrick

Danielle and Patrick met at Boston College! Their first official date was at the restaurant Wine:30 in New York. Danielle grew up in Manhattan, which led Patrick to put added pressure on himself to pick a restaurant she would enjoy! He landed on getting an outdoor table on their back terrace since it was a nice night in early July. Although he was just a college student at the time, he said he was ready to foot whatever bill came his way just to have dinner with Danielle. Awww! “The date could not have gone better and I knew I needed to do everything in my power to keep her around.” And that is just what happened! They have been together for almost 5 years!

They have had so many incredible memories together! They love going to Sundance, Utah in summer and winter. Patrick said, “I told her I loved her for the first time at the top of Sundance mountain, so that will always be a special place for us to go.” AWW! One hilarious moment in particular was when Patrick asked Danielle to a formal their junior year of college and her best friend told him "she just likes you as a friend" ... fast forward five years later, they are engaged!

Patrick proposed on Friday, June 26th at Old Town Beach in Southampton, NY. It happened while in quarantine, which added multiple different obstacles that he needed to deal with. They live in Manhattan, but they had been staying at Danielle’s parents house in Long Island for 3 months since they both were not going into the office and have been working from home.

He said, “When you spend all day together, it's next to impossible to plan an engagement. I think the most challenging part was trying to find a place to talk on the phone with Olivia and try to design a ring without Danielle catching me. Long story short, Danielle and I would go for a walk to the beach after work almost on a daily basis to see the sunset (her favorite thing to do).” He knew she wouldn't be suspicious if he asked her to go for a walk on Friday after work, even though he had much more planned. They went to their favorite beach (Old Town Beach in Southampton) and he proposed. He had her two sisters hiding in the dunes taking pictures and a video. They slowly walked back to the house and were greeted by both of their families in her backyard with loads of champagne and cake.

It was a massive surprise! Danielle wasn't expecting to get engaged until at least next year! As of right now, they are hoping for their wedding to be in September 2021 in Long Island. Congrats you two we are SO happy for you!