Clear Cut Couples: Todd and Jill

Todd and Jill met at the College of William & Mary in 2012. Jill’s friends were organizing her sorority’s formal and set Todd up to be her date, but unfortunately he had a soccer game and had to turn down the invite. A week later he invited Jill to his fraternity’s date party. After multiple date parties, nights out at College Deli and the Crust (W&M’s local bars), and long nights studying in Miller (W&M’s business school), their first official date was at Second Street Bistro in Williamsburg, VA right before winter break!

Since then, they have officially been dating for 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days on the day of the engagement. Todd is a big numbers guy and decided the proposal had to be that day!

Todd and Jill are both huge foodies and love going out to eat and getting cocktails in the city for date night, or with a group of friends. They also love to travel and explore new cities together. Some of their favorite vacations together include Hawaii, Napa, Savannah, Toronto, Ann Arbor, Boulder, Montauk, Sarasota and Kiawah Island. When the world returns to normal, Italy is first on their list -- maybe for the honeymoon! Jill said, “One of our favorite things about each other is our shared importance of family. Our families are a big part of our lives and we are so excited to officially be a part of each other’s.” 

Todd proposed on the beach with Jill’s family and Todd’s brother. Jill loves going for walks on the beach so Todd knew it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if he asked her to go for a walk. In the meantime, Todd had Jill’s mom stationed halfway through the walk taking pictures and the rest of her family waiting with champagne back at their chairs. Todd waited for a quiet patch with no one around and popped the question!

COVID-19 definitely did not help in maintaining the surprise! Todd always knew that Jill wanted her family there, so she figured that he would do it while they were staying at her parent’s house in Kiawah. It was also her birthday weekend and she had been getting hints all week to paint her nails!

Jill’s former company, Techstars, is an accelerator that The Clear Cut went through! Todd was a mentor when they were first getting started. Todd said, “It was a no brainer for me to text Olivia to design the ring. We both love the Clear Cut and think so highly of Olivia. By the time I texted her, she had already known exactly what Jill was looking for.” Jill said,  “I am absolutely obsessed with the ring. It is so perfect and exactly what I have been picturing my whole life. I still find myself looking down at it while typing or on a run and smiling. Cannot thank Olivia and The Clear Cut team enough.” 

They’re still beaming over the engagement, but are hoping to lock down a wedding date in the Fall of 2021. Congratulations Todd and Jill! We are SO happy for you!