Clear Cut Couples: Kristina and Kris

In their Civil Procedure class, the professor started the semester by saying: "Look to your left, look to your right. One of the people you see will be the person you marry.” Kris and Kristina didn't catch a glimpse of each other though. Despite sharing all of their classes, they didn't really know each other until they met in a yoga class. After the class ended, they walked back to their dorms and because they couldn't stop talking, Kristina invited Kris to come over for dinner. It was obvious that they shared a strong connection from the start— the whole experience made them change their minds on the concept of "love at first sight"! It turned them into believers!!

For their first date, they attended an event organized by the South East Asian Law Student Association, together with a group of classmates. Kristina said, “It was so much fun getting immersed into Kris' culture and seeing him so comfortable. We then went for dinner to a restaurant close to NYU and complained about online dating for two hours straight.”

They have shared countless memories over the years. Kris organizes all of their dates, and they're all a surprise until Kristina gets to the place. Kristina’s favorite surprise was a trip to Vermont. Somehow, everything that could go wrong did go wrong— from a flat tire, to broken heating, all the way to getting lost. And still, everything was so perfect and so fun. That's when she realized that she wanted to experience all the best and all the worst life has in store for her with Kris.

They started dating in October of 2019. When COVID-19 hit, they moved in together! They decided to get married in May of 2020 and planned a wedding in only 12 days!

There was no proposal as one would usually think of it. One night in quarantine, Kris stayed up late, thinking about life and our future. Kristina said, “In the morning, he told me he'd like us to get married and then we talked about the compromises long-term relationships entail. We realized that all potential sacrifices are worth it, because we actively choose to be with one another. We chose our relationship over others and over being alone at all times. A week later, Kris Zoomed my parents who live in Serbia and asked for my hand in marriage. In Serbian! It was so sweet practicing his speech with him for days. My parents still show that video to all of their friends and brag about his language skills.”

They decided to choose the ring together. They created a DropBox where they shared their research, just like they do with their law school classes! LOL! They weighed all the pros and cons and decided that they wanted a custom radiant cut with a hidden halo. They talked about the ring ALL the time, so her Instagram discovery started showing a lot of rings. Kristina said, “One of them was Olivia's design I fell in love with. Her educational videos convinced us to schedule an appointment and work with The Clear Cut. When the ring finally arrived— which was just a day before our wedding!— I couldn't stop staring at it.”

They got married at a small ceremony, in their backyard. The day started with a Hindu religious ceremony, followed by an afternoon American Procession. Because of COVID-19, Kristina’s family was not able to attend. They organized a YouTube live viewing party and had a blast! They plan to have a big wedding in Serbia in the summer of 2022, with all of their friends and family members in attendance. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!