Clear Cut Couples: Courtney and David

Courtney and David met in college at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The crazy part about it is that they’re both from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and their families live only 5 minutes from each other, but didn't officially cross paths until college! They had gone to separate high schools. During their junior year of college their friend groups started to intertwine. They started going out together and became close friends, always reaching out to each other to see what the other's plans were.

One specific night they both recall was when David came over to her house as we were having a party and we were chatting and he mentioned a girl he was talking to at the time and she interrupted him right there and then and said "I LIKE YOU!" and the rest is history. They both always knew there was more there than a friendship. They started hanging out more and more one on one. After countless movie nights, wine nights, hitting the college bars, walks, and constant talking they made it official!

Even though they had hung out several times before, their first real date was somewhere off campus at an Italian restaurant. Courtney remembers exactly what she was wearing that night! They were both just 21 at the time and had no idea what kind of wine to order and the waitress picked up on the fact that it was their first date and gave them a free bottle of wine. They had the best time! Conversation was always so easy between the two of them. And that was the start of many dates together!

They have been together for 7 years since!! After graduating, they both moved to Minneapolis, MN where they still currently live. They’ve been living together for almost 2 years now and it's been the best experience. They have said to each other "how could we love each other more!?" living together has brought them so close. AWW!

Since they have been together for so long, they have had so many special memories with each other, but their favorite part about their relationship is that they are truly each other's best friend and favorite person to be around. They are constantly laughing and having the best time with one another. They trust, respect and love each other so deeply and are so excited to start this next chapter of their lives! They’ve been on a lot of great trips together, but their favorite place to travel together is Big Sky, Montana. It's the most beautiful & peaceful place for them. They’ve traveled out there together a handful of times now and have so many special memories there, which is why they would love to get married out there!

David proposed March 19th in Sedona, AZ. They were out there with family on vacation. He told Courtney that he made reservations somewhere for just the two of them that Saturday evening. They pulled up to the location and there was a beautiful picnic laid out for them and a gorgeous Sedona scenery surrounding them. He rented out the whole venue so it was just the two of them there and a couple employees. One of the employees came over and asked if they could take a couple photos for the site so they did that. She then prompted them to move to a different location away from the picnic and Courtney just thought OK sure why not! So they were walking and she had gone a little too far and the next thing she knew, David grabbed her arm and she looked back and he was on his knee! 

She said, “everything is pretty much a blur from then on but it couldn't have been more perfect. I'm so happy the photographer was there to capture every moment of it. You can really see how genuinely surprised and happy I was.” They took some time just them two enjoying the moment then facetimed our friends and family. David went back home the week prior to ask Courtney’s dad for his blessing, which was so sweet, so both of their families knew it was coming.

Courtney said it was a total surprise. “I'm not sure how I didn't know it was coming as we were in the most beautiful place and had just finished designing the ring. Even after showing up to a picnic just for the two of us it still didn't hit me at that point that he could be proposing. I started crying when I saw the picnic because I just thought oh this is so special and thoughtful and sweet of you to do! It might have been the couple times he assured me it wasn't going to happen on this trip. And I always told him once we got the ring it's out of sight out of mind for me. Even though I was involved in the design process it was a total surprise. I never looked at the ring once it was delivered to us so that was the first time I saw it in person. My reaction to the ring was just so many happy tears. IT'S BEYOND PERFECT and everything I could have wanted and more! I love the unique elongated shape of the oval. It feels so ‘me.’ I can't stop staring at it to this day :)”

They are hoping to find somewhere in Montana for the big day as it's been such a special place for the both of them! They want something intimate with their closest family and friends in the late summer of 2023. They will be taking a trip out there in the next month or so to tour venues. They are so excited for this next chapter of their lives together! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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