Clear Cut Couples: Tully and Maddie

Tummy and Maddie first met in middle school when their brothers played football together, but they started becoming friends in math and history class sophomore year of high school. Their assigned seats were next to one another! For their first date, they went to go see a movie and since they were 15 Tully mom picked them up! LOL! They have been together since sophomore year of high school - over 10 years! 

They have shared so many incredible memories over the last decade. They have been lucky to do a lot together - high school and college dances, holidays, visiting each other at college, vacations. Their favorite vacation was to Marco Island, Florida last year.

For the proposal, Tully just wanted to find a nice place in Central Park so that the pictures would come out how they wanted. It ended up being a great day, despite the snowy weather, and they went to Mr. Purple after where Maddie was surprised by all of her friends and family. It was a great moment to have everyone together after the last couple of years.

Despite them having talked about getting engaged, it was a total surprise! Maddie had talked about what kinds of rings she liked in general so that was enough to work with because of how easy the process was with The Clear Cut!

They are currently planning a wedding in Spring 2024. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

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