Clear Cut Couples: Daniel and Taylor

Daniel and Taylor met at a Williamsburg bar called Kinfolk! Daniel asked her to dance and they danced for almost 2 hours straight! The rest is history… Their first official date was in Battery Park City at a restaurant and bar called Treadwell. Daniel said, “After the date, I found myself trying to hold Taylors hand. It was unconscious but it felt right!” He just knew that they had something special. They have been together for 4 and a half years since!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! One of their biggest highlights was going to Berlin and spending time on the steps at Monkey Bar. That was their first international trip and they grew so much closer. Another amazing memory was getting their first tattoo together in late 2020. It says “Glory,” and they have different fonts and colors. Daniel has made multiple songs about Taylor. The first one was called “This Time”. When he met Taylor's Dad, he said “It’s a nice song but how do I know it’s about her? You didn’t even say her name.” They laughed so hard at that. Then Daniel made a 2nd song about Taylor recently and made sure to say her name!!

Daniel proposed on 10/22/21. They went to the top of the Williamsburg hotel, right next to where they met at Kinfolk. Kinfolk closed down during the pandemic, which made both of them sad, so he wanted to do it very close to where they met and at a place where they have also made special memories.

He made a reservation at the hotel rooftop restaurant. He told Taylor it was just a date night, but they could dress up a bit since he was just getting back from a work trip. He had the hotel rooftop play one of the songs that they first listened to together when they first met - “Japanese Denim”. The song was playing as they walked in and she thought it was a coincidence! Daniel had his friend Luis fly in to photograph them (he’s an excellent photographer). He was ready in place on the rooftop viewing platform, protecting the rose petals that they had placed down an hour or so before the moment.

Daniel walked up to the rooftop viewing platform with Taylor when the coast was clear, and she saw the rose pedals. She didn’t know it was for her because there was a wedding going on. When she turned around, he was getting something out of his pocket and getting down on one knee.

It was a total surprise! She was shocked and full of so much joy. Daniel was nervous but could not have been happier! Taylor saw the ring and kept repeating “You did so good! You did so good babe! I love it!” She may have said that before saying yes!! As for their wedding plans, they are still figuring things out! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!