Clear Cut Couples: Dorian and Montana

Dorian and Montana met while interning at Ernst & Young in early 2015. After the internship, they went their separate ways and did not really keep in touch. They ran into each other again at orientation, before starting full time in October of 2016. Montana was sitting alone at one of the tables in the room and he took the seat next to her. Throughout that first couple of weeks, they spent time getting to know each other, instead of paying attention to their orientation, and really hit it off! They stayed close after orientation and things took off from there.

Their first date was at Tony's Di Napoli, an Italian place by the office that they both liked. Dorian had surprised her earlier that day saying that he'd like to take her out to dinner. Since then, they have been together for over 5 years and have shared so many incredible memories.

They have always been close since starting their careers in NYC, so they have been through a lot together. Montana will always remember their firsts, such as their first long road trip to Ocean City Maryland, their first international trip to Jamaica, and the first time she met his grandparents and close relatives on a family vacation to Paris. Their first Valentine’s Day is another fond memory. He led her to believe he had to work, which she found normal as February is a very busy time for people in their profession. When she got home to her apartment from work that night, he was sitting on the couch, waiting to take her to dinner, with flowers, personalized M&M's, and a handful of other treats for her. They have shared countless special moments together since and are always building more.

Dorian proposed during their first trip to Miami. He told her not to plan anything for one night because he had a surprise location in mind for dinner and happy hour. Little did she know that happy hour was on a private yacht which took them along the Miami River and dropped them off at an amazing restaurant for dinner. He truly amazed her!!

They planned out their entire Miami trip so she thought it was odd that he told her not to make any plans one night. Not to mention, he had picked out a beautiful white dress for her that night so she was a little suspicious going into it. Montana said, “I feel like getting engaged is such a big step that you don't really believe it's actually right around the corner like that. Once we pulled up and I saw he had reserved a yacht for us, I knew for sure something big was coming! I was in love with the ring from the moment I saw it, there's nothing I want to change and he also catered to my tastes.” They’re still in the early stages of planning and looking at venues in North Jersey around where they both grew up. Congratulations to you two! We are SO happy for you!


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