Clear Cut Couples: Dennis and Billie Anne

Dennis and Billie Anne actually first met when Billie Anne was in middle school and Dennis was in high school, as he was best friends with her brother! Due to their age difference at the time, neither of them would have ever imagined that he would be anything more than her brother's friend who she would occasionally run into at the house. They didn't end up dating until years down the road when she was in college, and he was living with her brother in an apartment in her hometown. Billie Anne would spend her summer's home at their apartment, and after incidentally living together and spending time together every day, they began to grow serious feelings for one another. Fast forward eight years from that first summer as accidental roommates, and they have their own house, dog, and now an incredible Clear Cut engagement ring to officially seal the deal!

Their first date was really a series of mini-dates as "friends" on a weekly basis, where they would order take-out to the house and spend time watching movies or talking while Billie Anne's brother was at work. They were slow to "officially" date as they didn't want to disrupt the close-knit friendship that Dennis had with her brother until they were very serious about one another, and Billie Anne was heading back to school in the fall.

Unofficially, they have been dating for close to eight years, and officially for over six! They have shared countless incredible memories over the years! Some of their most special memories are in Hawaii, which they have been lucky enough to go to twice together. In their dream world, they would be able to eat outside at Mala in La Haina on a weekly basis, and order the ahi tuna bruschetta for an appetizer each time! They also loved their winter trips to Snowshoe (even though Billie Anne hardly graduated the bunny slopes despite years of practice!). The bulk of their special memories are found in weekly date nights to try new restaurants and breweries in the area, or getting some fresh air and spending time together outside with their beloved German Shepherd, Rex.

Dennis proposed at the end of November, and while Billie Anne had her suspicions going into the weekend. She was fairly certain it just wasn't happening by the time Sunday rolled around. He invited her to take the dog out to play frisbee golf before heading to her grandmother's birthday, and on the 9th hole, she turned around to see him on one knee. Directly after the proposal their moms and a photographer popped out from behind the tree line, and then they headed straight to her grandmother's birthday party, which was actually an engagement party with their close family to celebrate the news! It was the absolute best day, and total surprise, as he is a self-admitted procrastinator and terrible planner. She was so surprised and excited at how he made sure each element that she had always hoped for was there, even down to their sweet pup!

She was absolutely STUNNED by the ring. She said, “We worked together with The Clear Cut to finalize the stone and setting together as separate pieces, so this was my first time actually seeing it set. We actually took a day-trip to New York to visit The Clear Cut office in person to be sure we'd chosen the perfect stone (another unforgettable memory together!) so while I had a sense of how the ring might look on my finger, it was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I still look down at my finger everyday in awe, and am constantly complimented on it!”

As for their wedding, they hope to have close family and dear friends in attendance somewhere near their hometown, and likely on the beach. They can't wait to dance the night away with the people they love most! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

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