Clear Cut Couples: Emily and Nick

Nick and Emily met at Peacekeeper bar in San Francisco in May 2019. They said that they are “proof that you can still meet your future partner at a bar!” Emily was out with her roommate who mentioned that a friend named Nick might stop by for a drink. Emily didn't think twice about this, but once Nick walked in the door a whole new chapter of life started.

Shortly after that first encounter at Peacekeeper, they had several memorable dates early on. One that stands out the most was when Nick took Emily to Sonoma and planned a whole day of wine tastings. She remembers thinking "Wow this guy is really trying to impress me...and it's working." They fell in love over the course of summer 2019.

They took their first trip in August 2019 to Cabo and both of them could tell that they wanted to say "I love you." At the pool on the first day, Nick blurted out "I adore you" and till this day he maintains that adoring is a precursor to love. On the third day, after several margaritas and splashing around in the pool, Nick said "I love you" to which Emily of course said "I love you too!".

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! Their first anniversary, Nick surprised Emily with a hot air balloon ride in Napa. They woke up at 4am and watched the sunrise above the wineries. They moved in together to their apartment in Pac Heights in San Francisco during the pandemic. It was during those pandemic months that they got really good at cooking and have grocery shopping together down to a science. When Emily moved in, so did her miniature dachshund Indy. These days, Indy and Nick are best of buds..often found cuddling together on the couch or Indy sitting on Nick's lap while he works.

Emily and Nick had two friend weddings back-to-back weekends in June, 2022. The first was in Mykonos and the second was in Paris. They decided to spend the week in between these weddings in Ischia, Italy. They stayed at The San Montano Resort, which was located at the peak of a mountain top overlooking the bay. It was here that Nick planned the proposal.

At sunset, Nick and Emily sat on the porch enjoying the sunset and listening to the pianist play. Nick then got on one knee and told Emily he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He thought it would be cute to reenact a scene from a movie where the ring is tied to a string as he slides the ring onto Emily's finger. It was a little more complicated to accomplish in real life but made for a fun memory. Emily of course said yes and to her surprise, a photographer was nearby to capture the perfect moment (well done Nick). They then had dinner at a castle on the island which truly made the night feel out of a fairytale.

Like many modern day couples, they had talked in depth about getting married and what we each envisioned for their future together. They went ring shopping together a few months ago but Emily did not know what the final ring design looked like until Nick proposed. The ring was everything she dreamed of; a 3ct pear cut, hidden halo accent, and a thin gold band. Her new favorite activity is to watch it glisten in different light settings.

They haven't set a date yet for their wedding but want to get married in Mexico on the beach with their closest friends and family.