Clear Cut Couples: Emily and Vince

Emily and Vince met at a friend’s wedding in Nashville in 2016. Vince swears that they had met twice before, but Emily doesn’t remember!! 😂 Vince was living in Montgomery at the time and he drove up to Birmingham and took Emily out on their first date! They went to their friend Mary Susan’s new restaurant called Cashio’s Meatball Market. She gave them the VIP treatment and basically spied on them all night! That was the start to everything and they have been together for over four years since!

Over the years, they have shared so many incredible memories. But above everything else, they are happiest sitting out on their patio at their house, listening to music and just enjoying each other’s company. They have done a lot of that in 2020!

Vince proposed on Emily’s 30th birthday, October 2nd. He popped the question on their patio (which is their happy place) and it was very private and such a sweet moment. Afterwards, they went to Mary Susan’s parents house and Emily walked to the backyard and her entire family and tons of friends from out of town all came to surprise her! It was an unbelievable night!

It was a total surprise! Emily knew it was coming eventually, but they never really talked about timing. Emily said, “I was completely blown away by the ring. It was even better than what I imagined!”

As for their wedding, they are taking their time planning, but are hoping to have a small wedding in late 2021!