Clear Cut Couples: Will and Angela

Will and Angela met at work! They both worked for a tech company in Boston, Massachusetts and were friends/colleagues for over a year before they started dating. Will asked Angela to go on a date and followed up the next week. Because they were only just friends, Angela didn't think the ask for the date was serious and was hesitant about taking the relationship to the next level. On the day of the first date, Angela wasn't feeling well and tried canceling, but Will stayed persistent and told her he'd call her in an hour after she took a nap. Still hesitant about the date, Angela asked her friend to come with her, and her friend brought her own date, turning it into a double date! Will was such a gentleman and picked her up before the dinner date. They went to a restaurant called Capo in Boston. Angela felt so much chemistry with Will during the double date and the rest is history! They have been dating since July 14th, 2017!

Over the years, they have shared so many special moments together! They love traveling and some of their favorite trips have been to Amsterdam, Nice, Cabo, and Montreal. One of the biggest highlights of their relationship that really took them to the next level was moving to California. Less than a year into their relationship, Angela wanted to try something new (they’re both from the East coast and lived in Boston together) so she applied to a few jobs in California. After getting a final interview in San Francisco, Angela brought up the idea to Will and he was immediately on board. Within a month, they both were able to get new jobs at tech companies in San Francisco. They didn't immediately move in together as they  both wanted to establish their own lives, but after a year of living in San Francisco, they moved in together. They knew only a few people in San Francisco, so moving out there together really tested their relationship. After a year of living together, they adopted a puppy named Ovi!

Will proposed to Angela on September 17th 2020 in Malibu, California. Malibu has been one of their favorite spots in California. Will asked Angela to go on a walk on the beach before dinner at Geoffrey's. Before the proposal, Will asked friends and family across the country to send a letter to the photographer since they weren't able to physically be together due to COVID. While walking towards the beach, Angela noticed a pile of letters and roses and ran ahead. When she turned back around, Will proposed to her.

The proposal itself was a surprise, however Angela and Will designed the ring together. Seeing the ring was such a surprise because it was designed virtually! It looks even more beautiful than the pictures! Angela said, “I know 20 years from now, when I look at the ring I'll see fearlessness, adventure, fun, success etc and always remember how strong we stayed during such a scary time in our lives (COVID)!!”

They are still really excited about being engaged so they haven't made any definite wedding plans. Wine country in California has become one of their favorite places to vacation and thinking of having their wedding in Napa or Sonoma! Congrats you two!!