Clear Cut Couples: Erin and Spencer

Erin and Spencer have always disagreed with what exactly their first date was..LOL! They had been spending a lot of time together before what Erin considers to be their first official. Spencer says their first date was at an Auburn football game, which was a blast! Auburn won, and they had a great day with some friends. However Erin considers the first date to be at a restaurant on the bay in Mobile. It was the first time the two of them really sat down alone and they just talked for hours. The conversation never faded and they both laughed the whole night. Little did they know, that was the start to something special. Since then, they have known each other for over five years. But they have officially been together for three years.

Being in a long distance relationship for the majority of their relationship, meant that most of their time together in person they did what they really loved, which was going on adventures. They have had so many trips to the beach, have gone to lots of awesome college football games, and been to a bunch of awesome places. One of their first trips was a surprise anniversary trip to Savannah Georgia. Erin drove them all the way there, and Spencer had no idea where they were going! They had such a fun weekend exploring the old cobblestone streets, but the highlight of the trip was the ghost tour.Over the years, they have been on SO many trips, but by far one of their most favorite traditions is going to Nashville for a few days before Christmas. Another thing they have always both loved doing together is going to concerts. They are both music junkies and some of their most favorite date nights end with music. Their all time favorite concert they ever went to was the bayou fest in New Orleans featuring George Strait, Little Big Town, Kasey Musgraves and Chris Stapleton. Although... they both agree the best trip they ever took was to Orange Beach when Spencer told Erin that he was in love with her! AWWW!

Spencer proposed on 02/20/2020 at Erin's lake house where they have spent every summer together. Spencer was coming to pick Erin up for a date night, and Erin was down the road at a family friends house. When she got back to her house Spencer was no where to be found. All of the sudden Spencer came running up to the house saying one of the cables on the dock had broken. (So sneaky!!!) They started walking down to the dock and Erin noticed that there were no broken cables, all she could see were twinkling lights and candles lining the entire dock. Spencer had been setting up the proposal all day. It was a very special moment for the two of them. Erin's eyes were filled with tears, and Spencer got down on one knee and asked Erin to "spend the rest of her life with him". Of course she said yes! They left the next day for Seaside Florida where Spencer had surprised Erin with engagement pictures! And later that weekend, Spencer passed his private pilot exam! It was by far the best week ever!

Erin was totally surprised! She had been suspecting it was coming soon, but Spencer caught her off guard with a Wednesday night proposal. Erin loves everything about the ring. Spencer picked out a beautiful radiant stone that sits on a little dainty gold band and Erin doesn't think it could fit her hand more perfectly!

They are getting married on December 12th! They are having a destination wedding in the mountains and are planning a long weekend to enjoy all kinds of fun winter activities with family and friends. Then they will get married in the Top of the Rock Chapel at Big Cedar Lodge! They both cannot wait! Congrats you two!! We are SO happy for you!

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