Clear Cut Couples: Allie and Weston

Allie and Weston met in college (UC Santa Barbara) during her 2nd year and his 4th year. He was leaving the gym after volleyball practice and Allie was walking in and he looked at her and said “your eyes”, she just did a nervous laugh and walked away and didn’t know what to think. A couple of weeks later she was with her friends who sent a Snapchat of her to their friend who was with Weston. He saw the photo and asked who she was. A couple months later Allie’s best friend started dating his best friend… he asked her to set them up. Weston’s house was having their annual Christmas Ball party and so Allie went as his date :) That was their first official first date! They all dressed up and danced and had a blast together. They immediately hit it off and got along really well.

Allie was really nervous though, she says, and was nervously laughing. Weston thought that Allie must have thought he was really funny -- because of all the laughing. LOL!  Now they look back and laugh about that! Two weeks later, Allie went home for Christmas break, but then flew back to Santa Barbara for New Year’s Eve and spent 4 days straight at Weston’s house with a few of her girlfriends before school started back up. They played games, did karaoke, watched the sunset over the ocean every night, he taught her how to surf, etc. He quickly began introducing Allie to his friends and incorporating her into his friend group. About a month later, once he realized how great they all got along, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Two weeks after that, two days after Valentine’s Day, he said “I love you.” It all progressed quickly and they both fell fast ;) AWWW! Since then, they have been together about 6 1/2 years!

Weston’s older brother started dating his wife at the same time that Allie and Weston started dating. So they got to know the family (and their partners!) all together. Allie and Weston visited them in San Francisco the first summer of their relationship and they all went to Outside Lands together. Weston and Allie fell in love with San Francisco and moved there for a few years after college, before moving in together in January in Manhattan Beach, CA. Together, they have travelled to 9 countries, and have shared so many special memories over the years. This is just the start of a lifetime more!!

Weston proposed this past Weekend in Santa Barbara (the most special place to them)! This was not the original plan because of the quarantine due to COVID-19. He bought the ring in January and had planned to do it in early April near Allie’s birthday and say they were doing a big birthday party for her (but it would really be a surprise engagement party). His sister in law bought a flight from DC, all of their friends bought flights from San Francisco, her brother was supposed to come from Boston, and he was going to propose on the private beach near his parents house and then have the party there after.

Allie's best friend (who set them up) was in on the plan since January and was helping with all the logistics. Then quarantine happened... and Weston was scrambling to think of another plan. All of their friends were telling him maybe he should just wait and do the proposal and party after quarantine, but they said he was too excited and just didn’t want to wait any longer. His family has a vacation house in Ventura, CA so they decided to quarantine there for this past weekend. They planned to meet Allie’s sister at the beach and then drive to the house together. While they were waiting for her they walked along that water at UCSB and checked out the old house ( the rock) that he used to live at. Allie  kept saying how it was the best day she’s had in a while to just be outside and reminisce. 

Allie says, “Little did I know the day was about to get even better. Right when my sister got to the beach, he walked me towards the water and asked me there. I barely even remember what he said and don’t even remember if I said yes or not (oops I was so shocked). Allie's sister said all she could hear was me scream WHAT! and then we were both shaking and he put the ring on!  It was the most amazing quarantine surprise and we were able to spend the weekend quarantining in Ventura picking fruits / avocados, cooking homemade pizzas, brunch, etc. I was so surprised and am obsessed with the ring. I can’t believe how perfect it is!!”

They are thinking about a destination wedding- somewhere warm and sunny :) especially since they are getting the travel bug with this quarantine. It will either be that or Santa Barbara since it is such a special place to them. They are thinking summer or fall of 2021 Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!


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