Clear Cut Couples: Gabriela and Joey

Gabriela and Joey met through their best friends at Assumption College in their Sophomore year, but they were both in relationships. They didn’t start dating officially until Junior year. Joey and his friends would insist on cooking dinners once a week for Gabriela and her roommates. Joey really pulled out all the stops to get her attention and the rest was history!

For their first official date, they went out for sushi and didn’t stop talking while eating roll after roll. It was clear that their love of food was an initial bond. They have been together for almost 7 years! They share a love for travel and enjoy taking frequent trips to Naples, Florida to visit family and enjoy the lovely beaches. They also have had the opportunity to travel to Paris, Madrid and Granada, Spain where they have enjoyed sightseeing and the delicious local food. They look forward to an upcoming trip to Switzerland and Northern Italy this upcoming summer.

Joey proposed on a Friday night as they walked through the Boston Public Garden to go to dinner. It was a complete surprise to Gabriela and their friends and family which was so exciting.

The ring was also a surprise! Joey has excellent taste and Gabriela was wowed at how “her” the ring is. They are going to enjoy their engagement journey and take time in the planning process with nothing set in stone at the moment. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you! 

Photos by: @Kevleephotos