Clear Cut Couples: Aylin and Steven

Aylin and Steven met at a mutual friend's birthday party on the beach in Venice, CA in April of 2021. They were both dating other people at the time, but became good friends and ultimately both ended up single and started dating in January of 2023.

Their first date was actually at another friend's birthday party in Downtown LA. It was a disco party at one of their favorite cocktail bars and they had a blast. They knew pretty quickly that they were soulmates! They’ve been together for 18 months.

They have been all over the world in their 18 months together. They had two weddings in Europe last summer and ended up spending almost a month there, taking 9 flights and visiting 6 different cities. They also traveled all over the East Coast, spending time with Aylin’s family in Virginia and Steven’s in NJ and Cape Cod. They also moved into a cute bungalow-style home in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles, along with their dog, Juliet.

Steven proposed on May 2, 2024 on the beach in Venice during sunset. She was completely surprised! Steven then surprised her with a dinner reservation at her favorite natural wine bar (Dudley Market) and had a few of her best friends there to surprise her as well. It was their perfect evening!

Aylin was so surprised! She was in shock for about 30 seconds and then they both started crying, just as the sun was setting. As for their wedding, they are not sure yet, but know they want something not traditional. They will likely do a family wedding on the East Coast and a close friends wedding somewhere international.

Photos by @allyk.jpg