Clear Cut Couples: Sarah and Clint

Sarah and Clint met when Sarah’s cousin and Clint's best friend started dating 9 years ago. They introduced Sarah and Clint and they went from being convenient double date partners to both couples getting married this year!

On their first date, they went for sushi. Clint ordered sashimi without realizing it was only raw fish and as a result did not eat sushi again for about 2 years because "he did not like it."  After they finally went back, they now have sushi once a week normally!

They have been together for 8 years and have shared countless incredible memories together! They love spending time together, finding good food or going out on their boat in the summer. The day that they got engaged, the plan was really to be spending the day in Fairfield, CT to eat at their favorite restaurant which is a very normal plan for them!

Clint proposed on the beach in Fairfield. Sarah went to college at Fairfield University so they have many memories there and are both beach lovers. It was very intimate, just the two of them, just what Sarah hoped for. They used the lifeguard stand to take some self timer pictures and celebrated with their favorite brunch spot and ice cream.

Clint originally did not want Sarah involved with ring shopping, but came around to the idea and they had such an amazing time picking out her diamond. The proposal was a surprise since the ring came in a week early (and she was not expecting it on a Monday)! Everything was perfect and the ring is exactly what she wanted.

They got engaged on December 4th 2023 and spent the month of December enjoying their engagement and celebrating the holidays. In January they started touring venues. One of their top venues presented them with a cancellation date they had in May, so they booked the wedding for May 25th 2024 with 4 months to plan it! It was a whirlwind of planning, but everything fell into place, it all has been one of those meant-to-be moments! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you! 

Photos by: @katiechristphotography