Clear Cut Couples: Jacqueline and Joe

Jacqueline and Joe met online on Hinge! She was running late for their first date and accidentally went to the wrong sushi restaurant. Can you believe there are 3 sushi spots on the same block all with outdoor patios!! He called and helped her find the right place. When she looked at him, she said, “I was instantly more nervous, he was so handsome and had the kindest eyes.” After dinner, he asked her if she wanted to spend more time together. She said yes! They drove to an overlook on Mulholland Drive with a view of the whole city at night, that's where they had their first kiss. It was such a special night.

They have been together for over 2 years since! They have shared incredible memories over the years. The beach is their favorite place to visit together, they did a lot of socially distanced picnics on the beach during COVID. This year, they finally got to travel together for the first time, they visited Greece, Croatia, France and Italy and made sure to spend time at the beach there! It was magical!

They celebrated their 2 year anniversary of the day that they met in Paris. Joe planned a special dinner at a romantic restaurant and surprised her with an anniversary photo shoot at the overlook of the Eiffel tower after dinner. They took a few photos at the overlook then continued the shoot on the Seine River with the tower lit up at night. There on the Seine between shots, Joe got down on one knee.

Jacqueline said, “This is the ring of my dreams!! Since I first heard of The Clear Cut, I was obsessed. As Joe and I got more serious, I started sending him ideas for my engagement ring. Joe is so thoughtful and romantic, he and I both loved the idea of creating a ring together, something that was special to us. He completely surprised me by adding our birthstones on the inside of the ring with an engraving. The ring is so special to me not only because of what it represents but because I know he spent time choosing the diamond that spoke to him and adding personal touches.” For the engagement, he knew Paris was her favorite place in the world. She had a feeling it would be happening that day, but was blown away by the time and thought he put it into the whole night. It was better than she could have ever dreamed of!

They are planning for an October 2023 wedding in Santa Barbara! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!