Clear Cut Couples: Roger and Megan

Megan and Roger met at the same company that they were working at almost 6 years ago. They always saw each other around the office and took notice of one another, but never took the chance to speak to each other. Roger thought she was adorable (but quiet), and she thought that he was a flirt. Neither of them knew the other person's name! One fateful day, Roger sent an internal request to Megan's team and she was the one who responded to the email. He looked up her name in the company's internal directory and realized that it was her! After multiple declined attempts to thank her for helping him out, she finally agreed to go on a walk and the rest is history. Since then, they have lived together in San Francisco, New York City, and most recently Chicago.

They had met for the first time around early November. Megan's birthday is in December, so it was opportune for him to take her out on their first formal date on her birthday in San Francisco. Megan's favorite food is steak so he took her to a nice steak house, but apparently it wasn't good enough that she sent the steak back! He was able to salvage the night by taking her to Golden Gate Park where they sat on a bench for hours talking and getting to know each other. She later told me that her Louboutin's got ruined in the park while walking to the bench, so he said, “I guess I still owe her a pair.” They have been together for over 5.5 years since!

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! One of their favorite memories together is when they had been dating for about 6 months, Roger knew that he wanted to ask her out in an official, big way. They had a reservation at Atelier Crenn, where the tasting menu is a surprise and the menu is written out in a poem, every line describing something about the upcoming dish. Roger had written a poem to Megan with the same number of lines, every line describing a memory or a reason why he loves her. The restaurant had presented this poem to her and the "dish" that came out after was a bouquet of her favorite flowers (peonies) to commemorate the occasion! AWWW!

Living together has also been an incredibly big part of their relationship. Being able to support each other as they have moved across several different cities has only made their relationship stronger. Megan moved out to New York to join him after they were doing long distance for a while, and he moved to Chicago to support Megan as she completes her Master's degree. They’ve also been very fortunate to travel to many countries, several of which were completely new for both of them. Spending the time to research and build an itinerary of all the places that they wanted to see and eat has been a big cornerstone of their relationship.

On their most recent trip, they both visited Croatia for the first time. Roger knew Megan wanted the proposal to be intimate, away from crowds, with a great backdrop. He contacted a local photographer, and was given the recommendation of Park Orsula facing the Old Town Dubrovnik in the southern part of Croatia. After arriving shortly after sunrise, they took a few minutes to appreciate the view. He turned to her and poured his heart and soul into a speech that she later said that she had absolutely no recollection of. He eventually got down on one knee, and asked her to share the rest of her life with him.

Megan will claim she suspected something, but Roger says that she didn’t know it would be that day! His fondest memory from that morning was hearing a very audible gasp when she saw the ring. They have looked at many old mines together in the past year, and so many people gave up on them and said it would be impossible to find what she was looking for, but when he saw this one he knew it was perfect and hid it from her for 6 months. Roger said, “To this day, she continues to tell me that it is the exact ring she has been dreaming about and looks forward to putting it on every morning.”

They are still in the planning stages for their wedding, but are hoping to make it a destination wedding to honor their love for travel! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!