Clear Cut Couples: Jackie and Anthony

Jackie and Anthony met years ago when they both worked at Red Mango, but at the time she was a freshman in college and he was still a junior in high school. They were coworkers and that was it.

After working together for a few months, they both left Red Mango. A few years later, they both started hanging out with mutual friends, and became inseparable - they are truly best friends. They just loved each other's company. Jackie said, “I remember the beginning, when everyone around us saw and felt our connection… everyone knew. Everyone knew except the two of us. We were so oblivious to what everyone was talking about.”

They just loved hanging out and thought they were just each other's best friend… but with time, they proved everyone right and the best friends fell in love! They have been together for over 7 years since then!

When Anthony proposed, it wasn’t a surprise for Jackie. They were sitting down having a conversation about their lives and their future together. That conversation ended up in "let's get married, do you want me to pick the ring or do you want to pick it?" Let's just say, people who know them were not even surprised by how this all went down.Very typical Jackie & Anthony!


Needless to say, Jackie took the opportunity to pick out her own ring and she said, “The Clear Cut team made it the most amazing experience!”

As for their wedding, they are aiming for October 2023 since so many of their friends have rescheduled theirs to 2022 due to COVID. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Another Clear Cut Couple was their photographer @martinleestudios!